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Stuck in a clothes rut since having bub Lock Rss

Hi girls,

Does anyone else feel as though they wear the same things day in and day out since becoming a mum?

I am in a clothes rut and unsure how to get out of it. When I was working I always took time to create an 'ensemble' IYKWIM but lately I live in cargoes and l/s t's.

I have recently bought some new clothes but I don't get the same enjoyment out of them as I used to.

Please tell I'm not the only one, lol.....
lol i know what you mean..i feel like ive been wearing trackies for the past 7 months..before bub i would wear nice clothes and do my hair nicely every, im lucky to run a brush through my hair! I buy new clothes, but i hardly ever get around to wearing them as i usually just throw the easy daggy clothes on..and when i do go out and wear nice clothes i still feel like i look like crap!
I dunno what to do about it, i guess it will pass eventually!
i am the same...i am still wearing maternity pants or track pants most of the time! i have recently started weight watchers though and have lost almost 5kg so far, so i am really looking forward to getting back into my old non-maternity clothes and also buying new ones!

i saw an episode of oprah about a month ago and there was a woman on there with the same problem we are having - her outfit was identical to mine lol!!! 3/4 cargos and a tshirt with runners lol!!! (although i have to wear runner cos i wear orthotics).

Phew, glad it's just not me, lol.....

My biggest clothes decision of a morning is, cargoes or jeans, hmmmm think I'll go the cargoes, what colour then, PMSL....

Trinny and Susannah would be mortified.
I was thinking about this just the other day.I have what I call my 'mum uniform'.Every day I wear a singlet, low cut long sleeve top- easy to pull my boobs out the top! and jeans.It's easy and comfortable.I wear makeup everyday and don't think I look like a slob but with two kids worrying about what I'm wearing is the last thing I need to think about!

god yes yes yes! I feel like I am the biggest dag I know! None of my pre pregnancy clothes fit me. My ds is 8 months and I just assumed i would fit back into my clothes in no time. I weigh 58 kilos and was 55 pre baby! So im not that much heavier. But i guess its all around the waist area thats the problem.
I live in trackies and hoodies day in and day out. And i cant wait for summer to come back so i can atleast dress a bit nicer. At the moment all i care about is warmth.
I work in an office full time also but seeing i dont actually see anyone all day, its just me, i even wear my UGG boots hahaha lol.. i know terrible arent i!
The thing is I dont want to buy new clothes as im scared they will be too big by next winter IF I have lost some weight.
And when i go shopping with my baby, i end up shopping for him and dont end up buying myself anything..aaarrrggghhhhhhhhh lol
I hear you!

I do fit back into my pre-preg clothes now (today for the first time I'm wearing a pair of jeans that were too tight before I fell pregnant, but are quite comfortable now), in fact I'm below my pre-preg weight now (11 months post partum). BUT...all my casual tops that were nice pre-preg are stretched and loose thanks to constantly pulling them up to breastfeed, and I can't afford (until I go back to work) to buy anything new. So I get to wear these daggy-looking, super-stretched tops all the time. They are tops I used to wear to work, and I'm just going to have to suck it up and wear them to work when I first start back, until I've received my first pay or two and can afford to buy some decent-looking clothes again! And I desperately need new bras too, doesn't help with my "look".

Finding the time to get dressed is my biggest problem at the moment - My 'mum uniform' is pj's until lunchtime! lol
i agree!! i am lucky if i can get out of my dressinggown and pjs b4 lunch. alot of the time i am in my pjs until bout 10mins b4 DP gets home, then i will make a quick effort to get dressed (still just trackies though) and maybe tie my hair, baby permitting i may even brush it beforehand lol.

me too... trackies, top, parka (for going out) and hardly ever brush my hair just put it in a pig tail!!! It was easier to find time when my little one was younger...also don't do the make up thing much anymore !
Oh I'm so glad it's not just me! I feel like such a feral these days!!! For me it's a combination of too much excess weight that is not just falling off like I would hope and lack of enthusiasm for my washing machine! Ha ha!

Hopefully we will all be back to our former glory in no time!

A smile

love it, its sucks not fitting into your old clothes and just living trackies or maternity pants. Sooo disappointing when you cant get the trusty old feel good jeans on past your thighs. The house is always in a mess you never seem to enjoy a quite hot cup of coffee, its always cold or luke warm. When you do get sometime to yourself to do something nice, you feel guilty that you should maybe do the dishes that have been stacking up for the past few days or that the floor needs to be vacumed. But then little bubs looks at you and smiles or DH does something nice and says your a good mummy and its all worth the notty unwashed hair.


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