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losing weight while breatfeeding Lock Rss

Hi everyone
I am new to this forum so I am fairly sure this has been discussed, but I was wondering how others have gone with losing weight while still breastfeeding.
My little girl is 9months old and yes I am still breastfeeding her much to some of my friends disgust, but since I have had her, losing my 15kgs has been extremely difficult. I was told that breastfeeding would make the kgs melt away, but I eat well walk everyday (and I mean everyday) and I try to do cardio 2 times a week, but nothing seems to work and then if I try to do more, then my milk starts to disappear.
Has anyone else found it hard to lose weight while feeding??
Hi kellie

I know that people say that you lose the weight when you are breastfeeding, but personally, i don't think so. I breastfed both my kids till they turned 1 year and didn't lose alot of weight during that time. Before i got pregnant with my second child, i was very fit as i used to exercise regularly by going to the gym etc. Even after she was born, i used to exercise whenever i could, especially running on the treadmill at home, but those were the days that actually ended up being not-so-good for my daughter as my milk supply would go down and the poor thing would be hungry and cranky. So i gave up doing too much exercise until she turned one, when I weaned her off breastmilk completely. I'm back at the gym now and doing everything that i want to do. I think that while we are breasfeeding, we tend to feel more hungry and hence the kilos remain stuck to us no matter what we do...


I lost the first 10kg pretty quickly - from there on, they certainly did not 'melt' away. I too was told that old wifes tale about breast feeding and loosing weight. I did similar to you, accept no cardio work outs. I walk once or twice a day - pushing that pram up and down the hills is a good work out. I'm now down to 64kg (was 90kg). I did find I lost about 3kg when I weaned DD down to two feeds (7am and 7pm). I had read that most women retain a few extra KG's whilst breast feeding - the body kind of keeps it as an emergency store. I am eating a few easter eggs at the moment but still, loosing a bit of weight - yippee. The thing I hate the most is my little flabby belly. I think its almost time to graduate to those granny undies - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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