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hormonal changes after stopping breastfeeding Lock Rss

I have recently stopped breastfeeding my ten month old. I didn't have pnd but since i've stopped breastfeeding I've been feeling very low and down. Has anyone else experienced this?

Wendy, SA, baby boy Oct 03

Hi Wendy,
2 months ago when my son was 10 months old he decided to wean himself. One evening he was breastfeeding, then the next morning when he woke up he no longer wanted the breast (much to my dissapointment). He refused to drink for 3 days, it was hell.
Although I am just getting over PND and have just come off antidepressants, I felt extremely lost when the breastfeeding ceased. It was a horrible feeling, I felt like I had been rejected. I was also afraid I would lose the special bond you have with your baby while breastfeeding them.
It took me a while to come to terms with these feelings. I guess it doesn't help when your hormones are trying to level out and get back to where they were before you conceived.
Not too mention you no longer experience the feel good hormone that your body releases whilst your breastfeeding bubby. But it does get better, you just need to give it a little time for your hormones to return to "normal" so to speak.
If your missing the closeness of breastfeeding, try to have as much skin to skin contact whith your baby as you can. This seemed to help me.
Hope I've helped.
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