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I am a first time mum and this may sound like I am a dummy mummy as I am sure it is an obvious answer to this question...

How do you know when your supply has finally come to an end? I am breast feeding my 7month old only twice a day now and she is happpily feeding on both sides during the am and pm feeds. At present I don't think that my supply has been too affected with the gym sessions (x3-x4 a week) that I started a month ago now. I was only planning to breast feed her for 6 months and making that mark I was really happy, every day after this has been a bonus.

Hypothetically, should I stop feeding her all of a sudden would that lead to a blockage in the milk ducts and potentially mastitis? I am not too keen to feed her once a day as I am sure that my supply will definately decrease to the point of non existant quicker than I would like for it to. I would like to keep breastfeeding her until she is ready to stop herself, though up to a year is what I will be ok with, nothing over 12 months.

Your input is greatly appreciated and many thanks for not making me feel stupid about it.

My daughter is 9 months old and having 4 or more breastfeeds a day. Is there a reason why you are breastfeeding your daughter only twice a day at 7 months. Are you giving formula in between.

When I say 4 or more feeds I mean she has one first thing in the morning, one about midday, one before bed, and a top up at around 10pm, if she wakes through the night for a feed then she gets it then too.

You shouldn't stop feeding all of a sudden because I think it will lead to a blockage of milk ducts or mastitis,

If you wanted to wean completely then drop back to one feed/day, then after a few weeks maybe stop completely. It doesn't seem you want to do that though, so if you wanted to go back to just one, then that would most likely be OK.

I would think that if you were just feeding once per day, that would keep your supply going until she weaned herself completely. If in doubt you could also express occasionally to keep it up.
Hi SJ,

I think that if your little one was not getting any milk from the 2 feeds per day you might notice her wanting more in between or still seeming hungry after a feed.

Im not sure but i think even if you went to once a day your boobs would adjust - correct me if im wrong ladies - not 100% sure there

I dont think its a stupid question at all.

Hope it goes well

when u do decide to stop a feed u just express a bit every 4 hours or so
in the morning in the shower feel for ANY lumps and massage them out!!!!
otherwise it can lead to blocked ducts ouch!!!!
and furthermore mastsis
good luck

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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