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Treating yourself Lock Rss

hey there.wen u get a few mins to yourself wot do u like treat yourself with?me a nice cup of tea witha few bikkies(or a packet im so bad),nice hot shower.oh and maybe some choccy 2.anyone else?

Hi jacksonsmummy,

I like to treat myself when Brayden has gone down for his long night sleep... so after I know he is definitely sleeping... I have a hot shower (even tho I had a quick one in the morning to wake myself up!!) and then into my warm pyjamas (I love pyjamas... could live in them!!) and then make myself a hot cuppa or a cold drink... and turn the telly on... Monday nights are great here as Desperate Housewives is on followed by Greys Anatomy!!! It's the best night of tv.

Hope that doesn't sound sad but it's true and I don't mind admitting it! LOL

Great topic smile

Bye for now.

i just love putting my feet up and doing NOTHING. haha as most of us im sure do.
being a single mum, working and studying also i find that i always constnatly have something to do. and then of course there is the house work and shopping and bills on top of the study and work and looking after bubba.
to relax... i enjoy nothing more then a glass of red and watch sum telly.

Danni, WA,

Hotel Babylon is my relaxation time i just love it


Ahh a nice bubbly spa with a glass of wine after a hard day of changing nappies, running around smelling of BO cause u havent had a chance to put deodarant on, cleaning, washing, being puked on (even in the hair...and still havent had a chance to shower!) and just plainly having fun!! lol

2 more sleeps

I treat myself to a nice long shower, read a mag or have a little kip myself.
One day I would love to have a bath all beside myself and have relaxing music and some candles and just put my feet in the bubble water and just to chill out.


Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Oh, forgot, I also LOVE Historical Romance...I know it is lame. I just can't help myself!
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