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Hi All

Just wanted to know if anyone else stress about the money situation while you are at home.

I stress really bad but always do it when my hubby is at work. I dont want my kids to miss out on anything but money is always stretch to the limits. We have our own home and we are paying it off.

My hubby doesnt want me to go back to work until Bodhi is at least 5 and i am the same as he is our last bub and i want to enjoy him as much as i can.

I started up with Tupperware but it is hard to do parties when I have just moved to Victoria at Koo Wee Rup just near Packenham and not knowing anyone at all. So to start out is really hard.

How do you guys cope with this situation

Kellie and Bodhi - VIC

Hiya - please don't stress about money, I know it is easier said than done but as long as you have a healthy little bundle of joy everything else will fill into place. I am a single mum living in a one bedroom flat (it's all I can afford), and like you I don't want her to miss out on anything but I figure it is not "forever".

Right now she doesn't know about the finances (she is six mths) and all she cares about is that she gets all the love and attention from me that she deserves, and that makes her and I both happy!

I stress sometimes (it's hard not to), in the past if I ever wanted anything I would just go buy it and always had the best of the best. But now it is a matter of putting myself on hold and living to a budget!? That sux!!
And then I just remind myself that I am lucky to have her in my life at all, and in all honesty I wouldn't have it any other way.


Hi there,

You are not alone regarding the financial situation. We have also been reduced to one income for the past 13 months as I haven't been working since I was 5 months pregnant. My little one is 7 months today! I don't particularly want to return to work however feel that I need to for a break from my little girl and to regain some confidence and skills from my job and to interact with adults again and to have a different kind of responsibility for a few hours.

I find that I resent relying upon my husband for money since I don't have "my own money" so to speak from a paid job, though being an overtime mummy no one could afford us! I feel guilty when I spend money on myself if I need a new pair of jeans or top or whatever. even a coffee in a cafe I feel immensely guilty about as I don't want to overspend our one income and at the same time would hate for our little one to miss out because I had spend on myself!

I understand about moving also and not knowing anyone or the place you are in. It makes settling in that much harder. WE moved to WA without knowing anyone when our little girl was 3.5 months. I am still feeling unsettled and it has been nearly 4 months now.

Good luck withthe Tupperware, it is a good way to start to meet people, sounds corny I know but you never know....

It it hard to juggle money, emotions and moving to a new place, I guess you just get by with the coping mechanisms and rely upon your support from where you came from.

All the best, hope this helps to know that you aren't alone in this situation.

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