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Zoloft Lock Rss


I have been taking St Johns Wart for depression yet seems to not be helping to much when needed.

I have just been given a script for Zoloft & am scared of getting it filled. I dont seem to be depressed all the time yet when it happens it brings me down for a whole day I found that a few wines took the edge off yet fuelled the depression the next day. I would like to know if anyone has taken Zoloft and their experience on it.

I do enjoy a wine (2 glasses most nights)

My bub is 12 weeks old.

VLL, Vic


i know someone that took zoloft, she didn't like it very much and often left her feelings anxiety, like angry.
then again its different for everyone i guess. listen to ur guy instincts.
and remember your bubby is only 12 weeks old, im sure you are doing great. don't be too hard on yourself. when my bub was only 12 weeks old i could hardly manage to even pick up the phone and call a friend for a chat, i too felt quite down and stressed out.
hope it gets better for u soon.

Danni, WA,

Hi there, if you are concerned about side effects etc, go and have a chat to your pharmacist. Zoloft is an often used drug and they will be able to give you info to ease your mind.
One thing to note is that you CANNOT mix anti-dreppesants and alcohol. Alcohol is a dreppessant and if you mix it with the meds it will negate the effectiveness of the medication.
If you are feeling depressed a coulpe of wines at night is NOT going to help, as you said it makes you feel worse, not at the time, but soon after!!!

You also should not take St Johns wort with any anti-depressant.
Sorry if I sound as though I am lecturing, I just hope you don't drift along without taking steps to look after yourself properley!!
I wish you well and hope you keep up the great work you are doing as a mum.


after i had my first son i was given st johns wart which didnt help i then started taking an anti depressant and it worked wonders but my advice to you is dont drink alcahol with it your 2 glasses will feel like 2 bottles i dont know about you but i was very embarrased to admit i was on them at first but believe me you wont know the difference in yourself if you ever want to talk about them my address is [email protected] add me to messenger and we will chat if you like


Hi I have been taking Zoloft since January and have found that is has helped me it took a little bit to work but now my moods are stable and i don't constantly feel depressed. I ocassionly have a down day but i feel more in control now. I know my family is thankful for it.
At first i was on 50mg and i got terrible headaches all day and night for 2-3wks. My doctor then upped the script till 100mg and the headaches stopped. Try not to be scared i know its hard to start with but it does get better. I hope you are getting the support you need.
Hey, I havent taken Zoloft but My dad was on it for a year or so! As he had a lot going on and wasnt handling it at all!
He is currently weening himself off it! But he stills has bad days!

I had bad days too right up until bub was 6months old!
On those bad days I know it is hard to get motivated, but wine is prob not the answer as long as u have it at night and not in the morning! lol

When my father was on Zoloft he was happy-But it didnt take away everything! Like sometimes it would turn him into a Zombie and he would sit there staring into space!
It also made him irritable, and made him do lots of poos and he also had really really stinky farts (sorry-but it's true!)

Maybe u need somebody to talk to?
This feeling is completely normal! I mean your hormones have been on an emotional rollercoaster for the past 9months! And they are gunna take a bit of time sorting themselves out.
So ignore the cleaning! and the laundry (Hopefully when I friend comes to visit they might do it for u!) and focus on your precious little gift! Your baby is what matters now! and getting yourself back together!

Hope all this information helps.

2 more sleeps

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