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Body image Lock Rss

What do we think of our mummy bodies ladies???

good points and bad points!!

i personally need to gain about 20 kg,i look like a drowned rat atm lol,and my boobs could be used as a lassoo hehe

Lillie....1 year old!!!


I need to lose my belly that still makes me look pregnant and hopefully my wrinkly looking stretch marks will start to disappear! My boobs sound the same as yours!

Am pretty ok with the post preg shape that I have. Managed to loose all the extra kg after 6 months to be back at pre-preg weight but the lack of muscle tone was a worry as was the belly which sound similar to everyone elses which is like jelly! Joined the gym and attend x3 to x4 a week with 3 weight sessions and the fourth being a cardio for an hour. Though I don't have an issue with motivation, it is finding the time to go as husband works and baby sleeps through the creche times when she has her am hap! Not too happy about her going to a creche at the moment (she is 7 months old) as I don't know much about the workers that supervise/look after the children there and what sort of cover they have if anything happens to my child or if another child hurts her accidentally. I still think I have a fair way to go with the toning of the body, though I am feeling better and stronger physically which I am happy with.
Hi Mimmy,

This a great post and it has made me take a step back and acess how I actually feel about my post pregnancy body :~ I put on 22kilos during my pregnancy and am now between 5 - 6 kilos away from being back to my regular size of 52kg. I have a little jelly belly wich looks fine when I am standing up but at the moment I am sitting at the computer and it is more like a flabby spare tyre, my perky little boobies have a definate droop to them now and my backside has expanded noticeably. Not that these are all negative because I do feel more feminene and sometimes even sexy with my new curves, the only time i get down is when I try to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes (size 7 jeans and tight capri pants) sad Why do I put myself through it! But I cant throw them out just yet, still hanging onto hope. Not that I am trying hard either - pretty lazy really, my excercise is walking around the shopping centre between coffee shops.

My weight is fine and think my weighted is 55kg but I would love my boost to be how they were before I started to breastfeed and my hair to feel like smooth again cause that how it was when I was pregnant.

That all I can think of at the moment.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

hi all
those darn dreaded varicose veins! I actually had them pre pregnancy but they got alot worse after bubby
I am pretty happy that i have lost all my pregnancy weight and also stopped smoking - i got very motivated to start looking after myself too.
Stretch marks and also scars from needles that I had to give my self for 6 weeks following bubby make up my stomach these days but I feel great.

Rachel, QLD mum of Zaki 21 months

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