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if the shoe fits wear it!!! Lock Rss

so last week i treated myself to a new pair of gorgeous boots,as i always get around in my slippers,as soon as i got home hubby was on my back for"indulging"
its been so long since i bought one thing for myself and its so hard to find one pair of shoes you like!!!

but god i love em
indulging is fine by me mumma's

Lillie....1 year old!!!


Get out every gadget and must have male item he has bought in the last 6 mths since Lillie was born and dump it in a heap and tell him where to go!

The one thing I rarely do is shop for myself (latest purchase - trackies as i was pregnant last winter and they are a bit stretched now) and if hubby ever said anything I would park his motorbike up his butt along with the remote control car he never drives
Hi Mimmy
I too just bought myself a pair of boots for winter, actually I bought 2. All I own is a pair of slippers and 6 pairs of instead of feeling bad I rang my husband and said "How much do you think a pair of winter boots would cost?" He said .....Oh $100 but knowing you probably $200 - so I thought YIPEE I can get 2 pairs for $170 so that 's exactly what I did. It was cheaper than he thought it was going to be and I LOVE them. Only problem now is I dont have any clothes to go with them, but I am slowly working on that too.
Have a great day - I'm off to the shops in my new shoes!

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

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