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Hey everyone,

I really need to work out what form of contraception to use now & my problem is that after looking at everything that's available, I don't think I like any of them...

I hated being on the pill & that's the reason why I have my little angel now. I originally thought that a diaphragm sounded good but in reality it's a hassle (with my husband & I, I wouldn't be able to take it out very much!). Then I was going to get an implant but I've heard quite a few people have had problems with it.

Right now I'm considering an IUD with progestogen. To me this sounds like the best but I've still heard horror stories about them (my mum had one that broke up inside her & they couldn't remove all of it, & a friend fell pregnant with it in so they had to remove it which made her miscarry one of her twins).

I was wondering if other people have had the IUD & what you thought of it, or what forms of contraception have worked well for you with little (or atleast tollerable) side effects.

Any feedback and advice would be much appreciated!


My husband and I had both agreed to use condoms, some of the reasons where on the pill according to my husband I was a one eyed moody monster!!!, I wanted to lose alot of weight and felt the pill was not helping.

I know condoms are a hassle, but this is the best decision hubby and I have made, and you learn to be quick putting it on. The downside is, it doesn't feel the same for hubby when wearing one, but if he gets some action he ain't complaining!!!!
I agree with jacksmom too especially if you don't like taking the pill.

I only put on 9kgs with my son and thought great it hopefully should be easy to lose which I did and then I went on the mini pill and put all of it back on and it doesn't want to shift!

It would proberly be the safest too.

Good Luck!
Hi bubba's_mum,

i am currently using Implanon (the implant contraceptive) and i've had little or no problems with it

It was virtually painless to insert (as it is done under local anaesthetic) and it lasts three years

side effects? i had it done last july. my first period after putting it in was 6 months later! the next: another 4 months, then 2 months and now its been another two months and it still hasn't come. I have noticed that whereas b4 i didn't used to get any period pain, now i do (so i know when my period is coming!)
i've put on a little weight over the last year ... about 4kgs but that could be coincidental (i started werking a yr ago and realised that i am eating a lot more!)

i have heard that the IUD is very effective with little side effects. years ago they had problems with a specific batch so they got a bad name, but i think these days they are pretty good

hope this helps smile

Jubs_n_Tia, 24, NSW, boy 06/11/99 + girl 15/05/02

Hi all , i use implannon also it is great and hassle free i have had no side effects and no period since i got it in early august

Mummy 2 B-J

Thanks for your feedback guys smile

I'm now thinking that I might give Implanon a try & see how I go with it (I'm so indecisive!). I can always get it taken out if I don't like it... The only thing that concerns me now is the return of fertility when it's taken out. Does anyone know of people who've had the implant and TTC afterwards?

hi iam on the depo needle,
i havent gained any weight nothing, u dont get your periods etc, u get this needle every 3 mths and cost bout $3.70 on concession

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

hi well i am also in kinda the same boat as you i am currently pregnant with my 2nd baby and the both times i have fell pregnant i have been on the pill so after this one no more pill and both my gp and gyno have suggested that i get the IUD inserted so i am going to give it a go as i am not very keen on the implant as i have had friends get it in and then have to have it taken out and i have also heard of people getting pregnant while haveing it to but i know this dosent always occur with everyone.I have also heard stories about IUD'S but they say now they are different to what they were years ago so i am just going to give it ago and see what happens hopefully it works or then i dont have a clue what i will do if it dosent as i will not risk taking the pill again as it dosent work for me anyway goodluck let us know what u decide with and how it goes.
i think that the return of fertility is quite soon after having the implant removed. i personally don't now anyone who has tried to conceive after having it out.

have a look at this website for more info:

Jubs_n_Tia, 24, NSW, boy 06/11/99 + girl 15/05/02

your fertility returns almost instantly once implannon is removed and is covered by the health care card also

Mummy 2 B-J


I had the implanon rod put into my arm as my choice of contraception due to the pill not liking my body. I also had a shot at the 3 monthly injection which my body had bad reactions to, continue spotting which never stopped. I found with the implanon rod I had no problems whatso ever. I had a few days of bleeding and then a regular period every month, a 28 day cycle roughly. Once my son turned 2, husband and I decided to try for No 2, it took just under 3 months to fall pregant once the implanon rod came out, it can happen almost instantly. Am now getting thigns organised to get the implanon rod put in once again, to me, it is the best contraception for me, it is the only one that doens't afffect my body.

That's fantastic! Thank you all so much, it's really helped me make a decision.

Jubs n Tia, that website was a great help with lots of info & HaydnsMummy, it really helped hearing first-hand from someone who's TTC afterwards (sometimes what they say is different to how it is in reality).

I feel a lot better about going with the Implanon now.

Thanks again,

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