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aching legs and feet Lock Rss

Just wondering if any other mums out there are experiencing or have experienced this. Since having my bub 4 months ago i find that the bones in my legs and feet ache and get so stiff that at night time (when it's worst) i find myself almost hobbling when i get up to feed bub or for a loo stop.
I had pre-eclampsia at the end of my pregnancy and held heaps of fluid everywhere! So i have put it down to getting over that but am beggining to think it will never go away. Any ideas on how to combat this?


oh honey this sounds awful,i never experienced this though mabey before you go to bed each night give your legs(especially your calf muscles)a good massage with some oil,and a soak in a hot bath,,, are your legs to cold at night mabey??
hope some mothers can give you a bit more help than me lol

Lillie....1 year old!!!

i had pre -eclamosia to and heaps of fluid etc etc i dont have it in my legs but i have the most shocking back i can barely get out of bed some mornings without nearly being in tears.
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