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How have you changed??? Lock Rss

I was just preparing a healthy dinner for the family. It just got me thinking about how much I have changed in the way of what we eat. To be honest, before, I didn't really care too much - often cooking what was quick and easy, not what was healthiest.

What things do you think have really changed since having a baby?

It seems like a lot has changed for me, not just things I do, but what I think. It was kind of interesting thinking about it. Having said that, I am about to chomp into a small 'crunch' bar I got at the local shop. Oh, they are so nice and just felt like one - real healthy hey - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Oh Kazi where do i start???

We also have started to eat much healthier once Hallie was born, aucually it was once she was concieved. I didnt want to have a unhealthy pregnancy- it's hard enough losing weight at the best of times!!

Life in general has changed since she was born, no longer can we just drop everything and do something spontanious, we have to plan and organise everything around Hallie.

Sleeping in has also changed!! Haha ohh wouldnt that be nice!! Nothing makes me more happy than seeing my beautiful princesses smiling face in the morning, even if it is at 6am!

We wouldnt change anything for the world.
oh in so many ways have i changed!!!!!! definately the eating thing, and we eat at the dinner table every nite as a family, BC (before children) eat on the run, not healthy either, never did i think i would care about anyone else but myself, boy that has done a 360, now i care about everyone else but myself, my attitude towards kids on school holidays has changed as i now have school aged children. BC i never really had time for other peoples kids now i value everyones opinions as i think they are still people with a voice, just smaller people!! i would wash and iron when i ran out of clothes ,now i wash and iron to keep up with everyone so there is a constant supply of clean clothes, and i always thought i wouldn't care what other people thought about me the kids the way we live, i totally worry what people are thinking, so i have a clean house and am stricter on my kids that i ever thought i would be regarding manners, homework, chores etc, i have changed in so many ways...........who am i???????????????????
most importantly my maturaty!!
i was 19 when i had Lillie,i wasn't one of those silly girls who drinks and smokes or anything,i have never smoked and rarely drink !!!!
we do eat alot more healthy and i guess there is awlays s o much housework to do so i do alot more of that
i think like a mother these days so theres no time to think bout what i might like, its what Lillie might like...

Lillie....1 year old!!!

I do some cooking and some cleaning, 2 things that were not on my previous agenda! We use to smoke, drink and gamble (pokies or horses) before we had our little man. He really pulled our lives together for us and made us realise how important our future is now, we live a very different life - more balanced and healthy and happy!

When I found out I was pregnant I started to eat healthy straight away and its the best thing and I have more patients with people now and love being at home more now than before and starting to love cooking when I use to hate it and try to get out of it, plus I understand where mum use to came from when I was younger.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi, yes i have changed too in so many ways, all i do is look after my children , housework and planing and prepering to give mu kids better life than i had/have. children are nice , they need lots of love, attention ,food , fun and good and safe environment to develop healthy happy life.
Definitely less materialistic and vain:) I used to care about how i looked - what i was wearing, keeping up with fashion trend, buying great cosmetic products etc. Regarding housework I was so damn lazy. I knew how to do it i wasnt dumb but just didnt want to get off my ass! haha

Now im learning to cook and genuinely want to learn how to cook more. I see washing to be done and just do it. Stuff laying around i pick it up instead leaving it there for someone pick up after me. When we go shopping i found myself heading for Kmart/Big W/Target for baby things/toys/clothes etc. and have not bought an item of clothing for myself for two months or pair of shoes for 8 months.

Regarding values, i definitely treasure my family more than ever and realize the error of my ways and want to make amends and spend time with them. Also developing meaningful friendships has been a key role in changing. I recognise who are the people who's presence I must not take for granted. much change in so little time...its amazing what a baby can do without even realizing it.

Quinnie and Remy (03/12/05)

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