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Getting back on track in the bedroom Lock Rss

Hey ladies,

Just wondering if it's normal (still healing maybe?) when you get a little jiggy-wit it to feel like you've re-teared yourself. I had 12 internal stitches but I would think that that part is all over with and healed and shouldn't be so painful. Gives a whole new prospective when you're more into deep thought on what's tearing than paying attention to what you're actually doing!
This has happened twice, and now that bubby is 3 1/2 months I would think that I shouldn't be making my partner feel scared to come near me for fear of the tearing and slightly bloody scene he'll cause.

Suzie, Newcastle, Emma-lee 1/06

Hi Suzie

You may still be healing but it may be a good idea to get a check-up to make sure all is healing ok. It must be frustrating for you both and rather off-putting!! I had loads of external tears and stiches but not what you have experienced. It was a bit uncomfortable the first time but no tearing feeling. Sorry can't be more help.

Take care and take it easy


Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

I believe the feelings you have are normal. I had the same problem for the first 12 months after birth. After 3 1/2 months i dont think you will re- tear unless your bed room antics are really
Just take it easy and soon enough it will be all pleasure no pain

vic, 2 girls, 20m and 5y

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