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Moving towns with a newborn :( Lock Rss

Hi, im 21 weeks pregnant with my first child. My fiance and myself live in a average sized rural town in victoria in which ive lived all my life. only last week we found out that we would have to move towns for my partners job, either to Geelong or melbourne, both alot larger than im used to and comfortable with! and this move would have to be in the same month the baby is due! sad I have no family and friends in either of these new cities and due to my manic depression (which is currently under control thanks to my fabulous phychiatrist) im worried that i may suffer with this move more than my partner is foreseeing. I know the move is inevitable (we clearly need an income!) but how am i ment to look after a newborn alone in a city i know nothing about! any suggestions would be fantastic!!

From Distressed mum-to-be sad
The very first thing to do is to get your current good psychiatrist to contact someone in the new town who can take over your care. It might be a good idea to make a trip to see them before the move so you can see if you like them while you still have the support of your current Dr. All the stress and the birth hormones mean you will need that support straight away. The second thing I would do is contact the community health centre/baby health nurse in the suburb you will be going to and ask about new mothers groups. The support from other first time mums in the town could be really good and if your baby is not born in the new town you may not get a referral from the hospital to a group. It really would be worth seeking out a group.
Good luck, I hope it all goes well.
Hi Lou88, I would suggest joining a mothers group in your new city. You should be able to find out about local first time mums groups from the Child Health Nurse in your area or the hospital where you deliver. I would be lost without my mothers group, 2 and a half years on we still meet up! I hope the move goes well for you and that you get through it all okay.
Moving with a newborn or late in pregnancy would be really hard. Is it possible for you to stay with relatives for while just so you have some support?
It's certainly a very hard situation!!!
That would be very dufficult.I would recommend attending a playgroup or Mums and Bubs,too meet new ppl and ones with small children.I moved too a new town and was very shy but playgroup was the best thing i have ever done.Ive met some great ppl and made some life long friends.Mums and Bubs is a great group which is usually for 1st time parents of newborns.Maybe ring a child health nurse in that area and find out what programs and groups they offer.
Goodluck and Im sure you will be fine,it all sounds scary now but just take each day as its own.You never know you may love the new move when you settle in.
You poor thing sad

GBH for you!

I will be moving house when im 33 weeks pregnant, however we are only moving 25kms away and will be closer to family.
I found selling our house and trying to find a rental in time so we werent homeless extremely stressful and it made me really anxious. However I cant imagine how you're feeling.
I would definetly research some Mother groups for the area you are moving too for support.

Good luck with everything smile

im so sorry to hear you have more stress added to your pregnancy...

i would probably recommend as soon as you move, unpack baby's room first, so when bub comes you will be organised and ready to go...

my husband had to go on course to albury for last 5 months of my pregnancy so i stayed in Melbourne with family and friends, the day we got home back to QLD bub wasn't due for 3 weeks later, but 4 hours after we returned my waters broke (couldn't believe it!). im so glad i dident leave things to last minute, as id completely set the nursery up prior to leaving for Melbourne.
anyhow i hope your move goes smoothly and bub comes a little later for your sake...

PS: i to dident have anyone around me when bub was born for quite a few months and i have to say it was great this way cos i could focus on baby and not the door knocking every few minutes:)ive herd its more of an inconvenience then convenience having everyone around you at such a sleep deprived, stressful time....
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