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Mastitis... Lock Rss

I have mastitis for the second time since xmas eve, i am on antibiotics etc
But what id like to know is, has anyone had to stop feeding bubba themselves because of it reoccuring many times?

I dont know what im doing wrong, why do i keep getting it?
I got mastitis twice, antibiotics and all that goes with it. Honestly if i could have cut them off with a knife i would have. I ended up stopping altogether as it was just way tooo painful and the stress was making my milk dry up anyway. I perservered through expressing out the lumps but that was it for me.
Cold cabbage leaves really do work in the meantime though.
Good luck
no haven't stopped just fed through it.....feeding baby around the breast.... basically baby can feed all around the nipple and drain all parts of the breast.....

cabbage leaves help but don't leave the on to long..... are you on antibotics

can you see how it goes for the next couple of days...

some ideas for feeding around could be lying on side on bed and instead of having baby lying same way as you turn the so their head is pointing to your feed.... also feeding in football hold..... pressing and rubbing the lumps while feeding.... and feed from the sore breast first.
I am prone to mastitis and will often go through bouts of if - have it 2-3 times over a few months and then nothing for a while. At times i felt like giving up as it's so painful but i didnt want to stop for that reason and pushed through it.

With DS I never got it until xmas when he was about 5 weeks and then had it alot. Luckily I was reading 'Baby Love' and she mentioned about things called blebs. I had a close look on my nipples and basically in some of the spots where the milk comes out the skin grows over which means the milk backs up and then you get mastitis. To fix them you have to either massage in the shower so they pop (doesnt hurt) or use a sterilised needle and nick that bit of skin - both ways the milk releases and if you get them in time you can avoid antibiotics. So maybe check for those but actually hold your nipple and give it a squeeze so milk comes out and you will see if you have any of these as a white spot will appear. I had to always check for these with DS but went on to feed him till 14.5 months.

With DD i never got the blebs again but got mastitis a lot at the start as i just had alot of milk, the pain was excruiating. As well as antibiotics I also go for ultrasound at the physio. You may have to ring a few to find out where to get this done but it really helps break down the blockage, you go for a few days. expensive but worth it. i hadnt had mastitis for ages but got it in november when DD was 12 months out of nowhere and away on holidays so just want you to go away and then show some random gp your boobs wink

anyway i know how it feels and thinking if i stop bf this will be over but once the antibiotics are working you'll feel much better about feeding again. keep going, you can do it smile
Feeling heaps better with the antibiotics, i will try different positions for feeding baby.

This is better advice than what doctors give tehe.
Thanks ladies! smile
I got severe mastitis with my first born they were like two massive rocks on fire!
I tried to breast feed threw it but I got it within the first few days after having my daughter I couldn't bare the pain the antibiotics worked after a repeat of them I in the end decided to not breast feed her don't feel guilty if you do choose in the end to stop my daughter only had a week of breast milk and the same as one of my twins who are five months now. They are all fine and one person said to me that makes a lot of sense that they won't no the difference unless they ask lol
Mastitis SUCKS!
Ive only had it once and it didnt stop me breastfeeding but my milk suply in that breast did decrease alot! but kept feeding and expressing and took fenugreek tablets and breastfeeding tea..pretty much everything and its almost back to normal now!
I dont think it will stop you from breastfeeding if your stuborn enough!

hopefully now you know the symptoms well enough that you can try kick it in the butt as soon as it starts... remember to massage it out (sore i know) and just keep feeding off it!!

hope ya feeling better!!!!
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