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Is it normal to shred hair after childbirth? Lock Rss

hi there im 23 and just had my baby girl who is now 4 mths,over the past month i have been loosing my hair, at first i freaked thinking there was something wrong but ive been asking a few friends and they have been telling me its all normal, is this true? is there anyone else out there who is to scared to wash there hair due to loosing so much,im actually quite suprised im not bold,there are trails of hair around the house its all over my clothes, its actually quite scary... please help me in telling me if anyone else is having this problem and if its normal? :S

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I used to lose my hair before I got pregnant. While I was pregnant it didnt, then once I had Sienna the hair started falling out again!!

I dont know if it's normal, but it's happening to me too so you aren't the only one.

Its horrible when you dish up tea and DH pulls a long hair out!!!!
Hi there,

Girls there are more posts about this on page 3 of this section under "Hair Loss"


Yes apparently its normal. I have black hair and everytime i shower it looks like a scene from The Grudge!

Quinnie and Remy (03/12/05)

Hi Kristy,

Yeah it's totally normal to lose hair. My mum is a hairdresser, and apparently what happens is this: While you're pregnant, your hair stays in it's "resting" phase for longer - so it stays on your head longer before it falls out basically - hence the lovely thick shiny hair some pregnant women have - they really do have more hairs on their head than non-pregnant people. Then, once baby is born and your hormones change, your hair has to go back to normal, and all the hairs that would have fallen out gradually over the 9 months of pregnancy can all fall out in what seems like a big rush - but it won't all fall out, it's just a matter of your hair getting back into it's usual growth cycle.

It can help to use a good shampoo and leave-in conditioner (treat your hair a bit, as birth and breastfeeding etc steals nutrients from everywhere, including your hair), if you colour your hair either give it a break for a while, or go for streaks rather than a full colour to cut down on the chemicals, and maybe a haircut (if you have time!) will improve the health of your hair, and it can look thicker if it's a bit shorter too.

I didn't realise how much hair I was losing until I noticed all the wee short wispy bits growing back around my hairline and in my part, so I might ask my mum for a cut sometime soon!

This new forum is strange ...

Lillie is now 6 months and the amount of hair i shed<especially in the shower is fanominal(hope thats right) lol
i really think its our hormone getting back to normal,also i have been told that when you are pregnant your hair thickens up alot so mabey its all that excess hair we are shedding

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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