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how soon did you get first period after baby? Lock Rss

I had my baby girl nearly 10 weeks ago and still havent had my first period. the post delivery bleeding stopped after 5 weeks.On my other daughter i think i had my first period by 9 weeks,Im bottling feeding so thought i mite have had one by now,i did a pregnancy test yest just in case but that was negative so i def not pregnant! just wondering what others mums experienced?
I got mine back at 6 weeks after all 3 of my babies.
When DS was 7 months old...still BF...

I got mine back when bub was 9 months, ive only had them once tough. Strange really. Guess it just varies for everyone
I got mine a week shy of 12 months after my first child, and just shy of 6 months with my second.
I got mine about a week or two after I finished breastfeeding!! Which was when bubs was 5 months old!!
Still haven't got mine and bub is 5 months old now. Have done 3 pregnancy tests just to be sure, but they have all been negative. I didn't get much milk, so bub was half breastfed, half formula fed, so I really thought that they would be back by now.
With my DS I think it was close to 12 months and DD is was around 6 months. I was breastfeeding both times. Everyone is different, if your worried no harm in talking to your GP about it.

I got mine back with 1st bub about 2wks after giving breast feeding up completely around 9mths & 2nd bub the same about 2wks after giving up breast feeding & that was about 10.5mths she is now 12.5mths old, I had been testing my ovulation with the maybe baby test kit from when DD was about 8mths old as I noticed I was having what felt like ovulation pains & all the yuk stuff that happens down there when ovulating & I started ovulating again b4 I got my periods back, But thats not unusual 4 me to be ovulating with out a cycle I fell pregnant with DS (1stbub) after 10mths of having no cycle at all dr done a random set of blood tests & I was ovulating, so I would maybe be re testing yourself again in another wk or so & maybe see your DR for blood test to reassure yourself ur not pregga's again smile
I got mine One month after giving birth to my baby girl and im breastfeeding. But it dosent seem to have come around again this month.
12.5 months. Was still breastfeeding, although only 3x day and none at night since 7 months. Was very happy when it returned as was trying to conceive!
I have what i think is the start of my period, DD will be 4 months old in 2 weeks.
Still exclusively breastfeeding, but DD is has been sleeping through the night just over the night so i think that is why it's back

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