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Gall stones following pregnancy Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone else has been diagnosed with gall stones after pregnancy?

Did you have your gall bladder removed? Was it just day surgery? I'm just a bit worried as I have a little baby that I don't want to leave if I have to stay in hospital... sad
I was diagnosed with them during my first pregnancy, and had my gall bladder out when dd was 4 months old. It was day surgery, but I was told to plan for a day or 2 in hospital in case of complications. I expressed enough milk for the day, and the hospital supplied a pump for me to express while I was in recovery (we poured this out though, as it would contain anesthetic, pumping was to keep up supply.) I went home at about 6pm

I was told before I went in that if bub was exclusively breastfed and I had to stay in over night I could keep her in with me, but every hospital has different rules.

Feeding after the surgery was a bit painful due to incisions in belly button and below, I found the only comfortable way was lying down on my side in bed with dd next to me, so her weight wasn't on my stomach. (not sure if you're breastfeeding though, maybe that's not relevant to you)

The number one thing I would recommend is eating as little fat as possible. I stuck to 3% fat or less for EVERYTHING and this meant I got through to the scheduled surgery, as emergency surgery is more risky and more likely you'll have to stay in.

Good luck and pm me if you want to chat about it.
I got had to get my gallbladder removed after I had my first son. Mine was one big stone rather than a heap of little ones. I've heard of people who have eliminated them through diet and seeing a naturopath but that wasn't an option for me with a rock.

I could have had it done as day surgery but my surgeon was late so I didn't come out of surgery till about 4pm so they kept me overnight and I was home in the morning.

Petal, NSW, Mini Cooper 10.3.07

Hi there
I had my gall bladder removed in march this year after suffering with gall stones during my 2nd pregnancy. DS2 was 8months old and FF so staying overnight wasn't to bad for me.
The surgery was pretty straightforward I went in and had surgery at 12 and stayed over night and left 12 the next day. Its best to get it removed as the longer you leave it can cause complications. I will mention that the recovery after having your gall bladder removed takes a few weeks to get back to 100% i had my mother in law stay with us for those two weeks to help me out but i spent just under a week in bed.

Good luck with what ever decision you make smile
I was diagnosed with gallblader stones 5 months after having DS. Went to ER with severe pain and was operated on in the morning the following day. It was a keyhole surgery so I had 4 little holes done in my stomach. I was in the hospital for about 2 days after the surgery, but they let me have my son AND my mum there with me since I was breastfeeding, they also gave me private room even though I didnt have private insurance.

As was said previously it took about 2 weeks to fully recover and you can ask them to give you breastfeeding safe medication for pain relief after and during operation.
I first started have Gallbladder pain just before my first baby was born. It was around 2mths later I went to the GP. It took more time to work out what was wrong and to get into a surgen. As we have private health, I was able to have it done very quickly once they new what it was. The down fall was I had to stop breast feeding as I was strong pain killers. I had to go in over night. They found 6 stones and a very inflamed Gallbladder.
Not something I would like to go though again. grin
Hi smile
Probably about a week and a half after i had my DD i started having attacks and then had the ole gall bladder out when she was 3 weeks old. It was just an overnight stay for me and luckily we were already weaning her onto formula so i didnt have to stress about expressing milk for her.
My mum stayed overnight with my DF and DD as back up help in case he needed it lol

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