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Has anyone used this to improve moods? and did it work for you?

I find myself getting tearful over silly little things and really irritable and wondered if this might help, love to know of any experience with it.
I'm using it at the moment and have been for months, possibly about 8 months now.
For me, it takes the edge off, if you know what I mean smile
It means I stay calmer and have more patience, and don't feel like I want to strangle people for no apparent reason.
It doesn't lift my mood though, just takes the extreme anger/anxiety part away smile
Sometimes I switch from St Johns Wort, to 5HTP, which you'd have to jump online to buy from USA (Whole Health) and that improves my mood and my motivation, gets me off the computer chair and out and about with the kids, or the dogs, doing things smile
Hope that helps.

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