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Dieting while breastfeeding. Lock Rss

Is it safe to do this? How much food can I cut down on and still produce enough breastmilk & when does it start to affect how many I'm producing?

I'm just trying to lose a few kilos and tone my tum. I thought I might take up pilates and I walk a lot.
I wouldn't suggest cutting down on food, but just make healthier choices (unless of course you have huge portion sizes when eating meals, then maybe just watch your portions).

Keeping active with light excercise is the best way to lose kilos when breastfeeding I think.

Pp is right, you're better off just making better choices and getting a little exercise- pilates, walking, swimming.

Here's a link to kellymom on dieting while breastfeeding, it's good, reliable information.

Keep in mind, breastfeeding does burn extra calories as well, so you already have a head start. Any changes you decide to make should be gradual, so as not to shock your body too much.

I just remind myself that breastfeeding is the most important thing to me at this stage and to go easy on myself. I've got the rest of my life to drop a few kilos.

Good luck smile
Hi I agree with pp that it's not good to cut down on food. I tried to recently, ds is 9 1/2 months and on solids so I thought it would be OK but it wasn't sad My milk supply dropped really quick and resulted me having a few diffulcult days and nights. Ds woke more in the night for milk and was a lot more unsettled. So for myself I'm just going to try to eat healthy and try to do a bit more exercise but with 4 kids I don't know how much spare time I'll get. But I will TRY grin
I think your idea of trying pilates is good as you'll also tone your muscles up. Goog luck grin
I am currently breastfeeding and dieting. I count my calories and work out 6 days a week for 30mins - 1hour. It is safe, I haven't lost my milk supply at all and its really great knowing I am giving bub the most nutritious milk I can. I have been calorie counting/working out for 7 weeks & have lost 6kgs... so happy! I now weigh 61.1kg & am in the healthy weight range. With calorie counting, as BF mums we have to add 500 cals per day on top of the recommended intake for women which is 1200. So make sure you consume 1700 cals and drink lots as well. If you need help with counting your calories, I use an app called My fitness pal. They also have a website - [url=""][/url] You can keep track of your cals for the day & what you consume with their online diary. Hope this helps, all the best!
I second everything mummy soph said - and I'm addicted to my fitness pal! Plug in all my food before eating it, making sure I've got around 400cals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and 2 x 250 calorie snacks. I'm breastfeeding and since making the healthy change I've had no change in milk supply.
I exercise for 45 minutes 4 days during the week and do an intense 1.5-2 hour session on the weekend. Bub is perfectly happy to drink my salty milk right after a workout, and isn't unsettled at all.
Best of luck!
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