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Getting a bit nervous about feeding with these little fangs baby has suddenly started using Rss

All of a sudden DD has starting biting me while feeding - she has had teeth for a least two months and they're sharp little things - it really really hurts sad she's done it three times in the last 24 hours for no reason at all and now I'm quite hesitant while feeding and on edge.

How do you stop babies biting?
Oh poor you sad My ds has gone through stages of biting(he's got 7 beautiful teeth!!) and I agree it hurts sad When ds bites I put my finger in his mouth take him off the boob and say No in my stern angry voice. Now my voice must not sound not angry as he often laughs. I tell him he's hurting mummy and he must not bite. When he was around 7 months for about 2 weeks he bit me every feed and I was really having doubts about continueing to breastfeed but he learnt that I wasn't happy and it was a NO NO. Now when he does it he knows and trys to suck up to me with cuddles after, cheeky little buggar!!! He will just keep snuggling me and kissing me.
Good luck I hope she learns that it hurts her mummy and stops soon smile
I feel your pain!!!...They like knives!...

DD (8 months the other day smile) has done it twice in the last week, and both times I took her straight off and said NO is a firm voice, and sat her on the floor at my feet...she was less than impressed sad She cried and started climbing her way back up my I picked her up and let her finish, and (touch wood)...she hasn't bit since grin

Goodluck!...My SIL said that the day my nephew drew blood...she never fed again unsure
When Baby Bites

I tended to find that I would get bitten towards the end of a feed with DS2, so there was a lot of watching him to see if I could see when he was maybe about to bite so I could hopefully prevent it. If I couldn't, I did the pushing him into my breast trick; it meant he had to take open his mouth to take a breath (kept my fingers away from said daggers) and he only bit me twice after I started doing that. I tried the unlatch and put him down thing but that never worked. Having said that, he only ever bit me 6-10 times ever in the 18.5 months he was bf for.

I had the exact same problem with my DS to the point where he had made me bleed several times. I used to say no and unlatch him every time he did it and I just kept persevering, one day during a very early morning feed I was half asleep and he did it and I yelled OWW loudly and I scared him and he started to cry, needless to say he hasn't done it since. Not that I am suggesting doing that but perseverance is key and she will soon realise. Good luck.
Most pharmacies sell nipple guards, they're a great help.
Yep I agree to all of the above. I also used to notice this cheeky look my DD would get in her eye just before she did it. It was usually once she had her full feed and it was near the end when she started 'playing'.

Maybe bubba isn't hungry and is playing with it? I don't think they are likely to chomp down if they are really keen for a feed.
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