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NO sex drive Lock Rss

Ever since having my DS 3 months ago i have had no sex drive, i dont know what it is. We hav prolly done it about 5 times....
Could it be down to the fact im breastfeeding?
Got to be honest i dont feel very sexy, and it is still rather uncomphy to actually do it due to the fact that i needed about 6 stitches after that birth that i didnt get... so iv still got about a inch of healing to go. But its not unbearable, just gotta be careful.
So i dont know whether its that that is turning me off or what. I want to want to have sex but i just dont want to. I feel * for my partner.. i just wana be normal again.
Aw I wouldn't be worried just yet-3 months isn't long at all, considering what your body has been through/is going through smile

I think it's scary getting back into it like normal after birth plus the self conscious thing as well as our bodies have changed and take a while to get used to and feel comfortable with. I would just take it slow with your partner, maybe he could do things that make you feel sexy again- massage, hot baths together etc.. Instead of straight in to things if you know what I mean lol

Don't be too worried about him missing out, youve just given him a beautiful baby and you need time to come back to normal - 3 months is still early days I reckon wink congrats on your new baby!

I understand, I gave birth to my DS almost 4 months ago and haven't had a sex drive since then. My partner doesn't really seem to understand that I'm exhausted from being up and down with Bub all night, and that I'm still recovering from giving birth. I've read and been told that it takes up to a year for a woman to fully recover physically and psychologically after giving birth, so maybe this explains the lack of sex drive? I've also been told it can be beneficial to have sex even if you don't really feel like it, as it can help you get back to feeling sexy etc, but so far, I'm not finding that to be true....
I was on mini pill with breast feeding and found that sent my sex drive lower - it was pretty low after having bubs anyway. Noticed a big change when I stopped taking mini pill have some of my libedo back. I now find it depends alot on if I have had a good day at home with bubs and if I am not tired. It was only this week that I could stop wearing ugly feeding bras to bed due to leakage. Definately didn't feel sexy in those but my husband didn't seem to mind. Things have changed for him too I found. So give yourself a break you will get there in the end.
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