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Chiropractor Rss

I swear by my chiropractor. It's totally changed my health and my life really. Mine also does kinesiology which is what has helped along with the chiropractic care. I used to get really bad migraines and just get sick really easily.
Sorry I'm aus but I can recommend you see one its good to ask around and find s good one. I rarely get migraines anymore CIS of my adjustments. My neck is not the right shape in spine so we are working on getting the curve back into it now. Your first time will prob cadue pain and your body will be sore but after its recovered from that it will be fine.

A friend told me she got chiro through her pregnancy and she swore it was cos of that she had a really easy birth... I already get chiro do we'll see if its true for me when time comes.
I swear by my chiropractor!
I was a total skeptic until after my first adjustment ~ now I dont know how I lived so long without my chiro smile

I used to have migraines and back pain, I also had trouble conceiving, but a few trips to the chiropractor and all of those worries are gone. I have not had a migraine since I started going, no pain, and I'm 15 weeks pregnant!

I'm in Auckland, so I can't recommend one in Christchurch, sorry! But give your friend's one a try.

Yes, helped quite a lot.
I love my chiropractor I use to get an hour massage right before my chiro session and the 2 things worked magic, I never had an back problems during my preganancy and for me it did help with headaches.
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