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Using cleaning products when pregnant? Lock Rss

Hi guys,

I'm a bit worried I may have caused harm to my baby as I have been so tired over the past few weeks I haven't been able to do any cleaning and house just turned into an absolute bomb site, so I gathered up the strength to power through a do as much as I could.

I used sunlight soap with water for most of the surfaces but when it came to the bathroom the only thing that would work in the shower is a BAM spray. I spent roughly 5 minutes trying to hold my breath as much as I could as I was wiping out the shower but the smell was so strong even 30 minutes afterwards the taste is sitting in the back of my throat.

I will never use this product again but I was just desperate for a clean house and that's all I had at the time. I am currently only 6 weeks pregnant but do you think my baby will be ok? This is my third pregnancy but the first two I m/c so everything I do makes me so worried and leaves me feeling guilty afterwards. :/
I'm sure your baby will be fine smile I would definitely avoid doing it again, but just think of all the things people have done before they knew they were pregnant tongue

Just make sure that next time you clean the area is well ventilated and avoid the really nasty stuff.

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

I work in a chemical industry , and use carcinogenics, acids, corrosives etc lots of dangerous chemicals when I feel pregnant with my first I worried endlessly about of the chemicals so ask doctor for advise and was but in contact with a specialist. He looked at the long list of chemical and found nothing that could harm the baby. ( me but not the fetus).

Your body has a lot of defense build in before it even gets to the baby uterus defenses. The fact you could still taste it later means the first line of defend has done its job.
Phew! Thanks for your reply guys. I will make sure I am more careful next time. Going out this evening to buy some eco friendly cleaning products. smile
If your worried invest in Norwex. Cleaning cloths impregnanted with silver, so antibacterial and all you need is water
sounds like normal pregnancy symptoms to me!!! I wasn't so bad with feeling sleepy etc but my sister in law couldn't even get out of bed until she was around 14 weeks she was just so tired all the time, I think its just your body working over time! but do avoid cleaning products its really not good, you can make natural cleaning products out of lemon, vinegar etc just look up some recipes online, you may have to ask a friend or family member to do your bath etc with bam that's what I did and it still gave me a headache and I was outside most of the time!! good luck and congrats smile
Thanks for the tips guys! I will definately be giving these ideas a try. smile
I was terrified of cleaning products til I tried this smile

Cleans soap scum off glass and metal, easy enough to scrub the mold out of cracks in the shower tiles and polishes and cleans the car. It smells awesome too! I went from being scared of the chemicals to sitting in the bottom of the shower covered in BioMex not worried at all smile its even safe to get toddlers to help clean things too without the need for gloves, fantastic product grin

I have partnered with a company that sells eco friendly cleaning products (and other household products - laundry bath body supplements etc) that are free of harsh chemicals and very effective! completely safe to use whilst pregnant and post, safe for kids to use too - no safety caps needed on products.
Let me know if you would like to see a free information session about our products and we can get in touch
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