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The Flow - icky topic Lock Rss

I had no complications and thankfully no tearing through labour. So I had no stitches... I am now almost 4 weeks post. But I am still bleeding, sometimes I have what looks like small balls of dark blood when I pee and I feel like I give off an unpleasant smell even though I try to keep as clean as possible down there. Is it normal to be bleeding still etc.? Has anyone experienced this?

Yes it's normal to still be bleeding, just make sure you have no large clots coming through. I remember the smell, erk. nothing much you can do apart from keep everything as clean as possible.

Hope that has helped.

You may have Bacterial Vaginosis.
I had this after my first baby. At my final midwife check (6 weeks) i mentioned that there was a bit of a smell and I still had a coloured discharge, I took a swab and had to go on antibiotics for a week to clear it up.
Definitely mention it to your midwife smile

Im going into my 6th week post partum and still have very light bleeding. With my first I had it for the same length of time. I found I would bleed a little more if I did some kind of excercise.

Yes I had this. Sometimes it was period like and other days more like spotting.
With my first I had a scan at 6 weeks post to check for rpoc but there wasn't any.
I started the mini pill at 9 weeks post and that stopped the bleeding.
With my second I bleed until I started the mini pill at 8 weeks.
Thank you all so much! I feel better now. I think I am just being a little bit impatient. I will mention it to my midwife just in case it is bacterial vaginosis. Thank you ladies! smile
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