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Lonely and a stay at home mum Lock Rss

I'm a stay at home mum with a 21 month old toddler. My partner works long hours so I'm starting to feel very lonely and isolated. Apart from playgroups etc is there anything else that may have helped other stay at home mums in this situation? I'm thinking about getting a flatmate (another stay at home mum would be ideal) or going to live with my parents mon-fri as they are home a lot but seems so extreme?!!
Have another baby - no time then to be lonely anymore!! I remember feeling very much like you when I had one toddler, but after the next one came along... and the next.. and the next.... that was the end of the loneliness!!
I found it a life saver to make friends with other mum's with kids the same age.
i know it's easier to say than do, but if you keep going to the playgroups in the end you will find others you have lots in common with and it makes life a million times better.
I don't think your suggestions of things to do to ease it sounds that extreme.
It may be awkward with a flatmate when you and your husband want to spend time together.
Would your parents mind if you lived with them mon-fri? Sounds a good idea to me smile

I'm probably not much help as I was going to suggest things like swimming lessons, art and rhyme time at the library. Going to the park and talking to other parents. I feel that if you are doing an activity you have something in common with the other parents and I made a heap of friends that way. Then after the lesson or rhyme time we would go for a coffee. Then it lead to catching up at parks on other days. I have made some great friends this way and our kids have grown together.

Good luck. It can be hard putting your self out there and taking the first step.

Local library, baby time, toddler time etc. Free activity that gets you out of the house and lets you meet new/other mums.
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