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Do you feel like you get enough support from your partner? Lock Rss

Would you like to see them doing more or taking on more responsibility? Let us know your thoughts...
Sometimes yes, sometimes No. But yes, I want him to take more responsibilities especially regarding feeding and getting our son to sleep. But I couldn’t even put a blame at him as it’s my son who prefers me over his dad. He wants everything to be done with me only. No need to say, this leaves very tiring at the end of the day. And what makes me angrier is I don’t see my hubby making extra efforts to spend some more quality time with our son. It stinks and it's hard to find that balance and make him understand. I don’t know the way I should convince him.
Thinking that your partner should do more is a precarious path. Believe that you can handle a baby on your own. If your having trouble coping get the sort of help that enables you to handle a baby on your own. There are many single mums and I know mums who have dependant partners (like having an extra child) who wish they were single.
What I mean is ask for help if you need it, but don't expect or wish for that someone else would help you more. It can lead to resentment. Be thankful for any help.
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