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How was your mother's day? Lock Rss


Just wondering how the rest of you spent your mother's day?

I am a first time mum and it was very special, had the long awaited sleep in, followed by breakfast in bed before heading off to the pool with husband and baby for a swim. We then in the afternoon went to the beach and had a huge serve of fish and chips!! It was a great day (also received a lovely necklace from hubby).

Was a lovely day, I hope that your mother's day was equally as enjoyable as mine!

That is great.

Hubby had to work yesterday so that was a bit of a bummer. Though he got DD out of bed at 6.30am and got her bottle ready and fed her before going.

I got a gorgeous pink ceramic frame with "mummys little girl" on it and a picture of DD in it and 2 frangipani trees which was nice - we are into practical gifts at the moment.

We spent dinner with the MIL and SIL and got some pizzas and relaxed for the night.

Still nice day overall.
worked i damn well had to work on my 1st mothers day.dp had to work in morning so mil looked after bubba.
but wen i got home i got flowers slippers and earrings very nice.
such a shame i had to work.
This was my first mother's day and it was FANTASTIC and I got beautiful presents from my daughter and partner and I couldnt imagine anything better than having my first mother's day with my family but I miss one thing and that was my partner cause he was working away from home so we miss that out as a family but I got a beautiful ring and yummy chocolate and I hope everyone else mother day was awsome as well.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

hi everyone
My first mothers day was beautiful. My lovely son and Partner got me a cappuccino maker and gave me loads of hugs and kisses all day!!
we all went and had breakfast with my dad and step family - my dad and step mum (apparently on behalf of my little one) also got me a lovely sculpture of a mother and son that is a cast of an original hand carved one. Their faces are expressionless but the mother is holding the sons head with her hands against her chest he has his hands in his pockets. Really beautiful...
My mum and mum in law come over in the arfternoon for cappuccinos and cake and I spent the evening with my gorgeous little family whom i love soo much
the best first mothers day eva

Rachel, QLD mum of Zaki 21 months

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