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Changing from Minipill to Combined Lock Rss

Does anyone know if when changing from the minipill to the combined if you are still protected? I have been on the minipill for the past few months and have just changed to the combined. The problem is my cycles have been irregular on the minipill and the directions for the combined pill (Levlen ED) are to start taking it from the red section which are just 7 sugar pills which means I'm not really taking anything for the next seven days so I'm just concerned that I could be ovulating now or recently. The doctor who prescribed the combined didn't mention anything about being extra carefull, it's just my own theory. Has anyone been in this situation and fallen pregnant?

Tracey, mum to Lilly born 14/12/03

I havent taken the pill for years, but i think when you switch over to a different one that you should use a back up form of contraception for at least 2 weeks??
Hi Traceylilly,
I also changed from the minipill to the combined. I too had irregular cycles on the minipill, and the directions on the combined said to start on the first day of your period. But, of course being irregular, there were a few weeks between finishing the minipill and starting the combined. Usually you start on active pills, not the sugar ones, as this helps the process. I would recommend using another reliable form of contraception for 14 days after starting the active pills, just to be on the safe side. It seems to have worked for me.
Also, I found that I became really crabby and sick on the combined pill at first, as it reacted differently to my body after pregnancy than before, even though it was exactly the same pill. I'm now on a lower dose of hormones, and it works fantastically. Just thought I'd throw that in for you to keep an eye out for.
Hope this helps.

Rebecca, NZ, Boy born 30/10/03

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