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losing my patience.... Lock Rss

hey everyone,
The last few days I'm really beginning to lose my patience when it comes to bub. She's just been so whingy, not sleeping well and I'm just getting to that stage where I think I'm gonna lose it! My partner does help out a bit, but he works a lot of odd hours so I find he's hardly home. And I do have other people for support but they never seem to be available when I actually need the help (cause they're working or sleeping), and partly I guess some of me is just a little ashamed to ask for help. I know it's ok to let bub cry now and then, but even if I do that and go and have a break to calm myself down, she's still crying when I get back.... Is anyone else's patience running thin?? What can I do??

Sam and Hayley and bub

oh honey we all feel like that at times
i used to pop my daughter in her cot crying and go and sit outside for a few minutes,i would tyake a few deep breathes,remind myself that shes a baby and this is the only way she knows how to communicate with me?!!

could your daughter be beginign to teeth,this is very common cause for sleep interupptions(not to mentiona very tired mummy)


Lillie....1 year old!!!

HI there Hayleys mum,
Look, don't feel bad that you are finding things frustrating at the moment, your bub is a similar age to mine and she is quite demanding too. Maybe try what helps for me and if you are finding it tough during the day try and take her for lots of walks, even if they are just short ones. I know that getting some fresh air and exercise makes me feel less claustrophobic on those rough days. Also have you got a jolly jumper? I have found mine amazing and sometimes the only thing that will stop my little one whinging.
Chin up and hope this helps xxx


Hi Samantha,

I really feel for you, it must be hard with your partner not being around as much as you'd like, and I know how it feels when you don't want to ask for help, but you know you really should. My girl is 8.5 months now, and I still have days when I feel like tearing my hair out, but those days aren't as frequent as they used to be, if that's any consolation!

I agree with the other mums that getting out for a short walk can do wonders, even if bub is crying in the pram - at least she's not in your arms and squawking in your ear, and some fresh air will do you both good. On those bad crying days even just having your hands on the pram handles instead of holding the baby can be a welcome change!

Maybe you should talk to a friend or your mum, or one of the support people you mentioned. You may not want to admit that you're losing patience some days, but if you talk to someone who's had kids you'll probably find they're really understanding. I just have to ring my best friend and say "I'm losing my mind today! Do you want to adopt a baby?", and I can let off steam and not be judged, and she understands cos she's been there.

Being honest about how you're feeling won't make you look like a bad mother or like you're not coping - I used to worry that was how I'd look if I complained, but really it takes strength to admit that things get a bit on top of you sometimes. I think you definitely need to talk to your partner about how hard it can be when he's not around, and see if his working hours can be changed at all, or if he can help in any other way. There is light at the end of the tunnel - my daughter was a real little monster at times when she was about your baby's age, but I can honestly say as they get a bit older it does get easier, as you have more good days, and the bad ones don't seem as bad in comparison.

I hope today is shaping up to be alright, remember all us mummies are here whenever you need us! smile

This new forum is strange ...

Hi Samantha

I completely understand how you feel. My boy has just turned one and he is still very demanding. He is also very whingy. If he gets hold of something he is not suppose to have and I take it off him, he throws the biggest tantrum - arches his back... I leave him to cry it out as he soon finds something to amuse him and forgets about it...

This morning, I couldn't even go to the toilet in peace. He was screaming because I left him on his own even though he wasn't in any 'discomfort'. He is very active and cannot sit still unless his fave tv ad is on or he is strapped to his high chair and watching wiggles/blues clues.

Sometimes I find myself just having to take a few deep breaths and have some time out. I also have to remind myself that he isn't like this all this time!

I hope that things get better. I do think since becoming a mum that things change and we go from one challenge to another... which is why I think it makes us stronger!

The hardest thing is when I see other friend's babies and how calm they are... no, not Brayden but it's also cool to be able to see such a big personality in a small guy... it's just the cards I was dealt smile

Bye for now.

Hi Hayley's mum!
Don't worry that you're becoming impatient! It's normal and as we're women, the good old hormones can kick in any time - even when it's going to make us feel as bad as we end up feeling. My baby is 3 months old too. And what I've learned is to know when they're going through their growth spurts. I've found that babby does his routine constant crying and waking up at odd hours when he is going through the ''growing pains'' stages which could be every few weeks! Also, I invested in an electronic swing. He loves it to bits and quite frankly, so do I! What I've also learned to do is to depend on people who won't feel obligated to help or guilty when they can't. In other words, community assistance such the Plunket Society in NZ. Find out in your area of such services and I'm sure you'll be better off asking them than feeling bad to ask people who you feel you should be able to depend on.
Hope it helps! And all the best!
Hi Samantha its hard when you are the only one with bubs all the time and its okay to loss your patience cause we are people and we do need a break sometimes and trust me there have been times when I have lose my patience with Jaye and sometimes I have counted to 10 to calm me down so I dont get angry with Jaye.

Samantha sometimes when Jaye has been crying for awhile I will sit down and cry with her and it has make it better and thats when Jaye has actually stop crying and she has put her hands on my shoulder and look at me to make me happy again.

It happens to all of us and its normal.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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