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Just have to share my stress/tears........ Lock Rss

I just need someone to listen....My DP got fired from his job on Monday(long story basically got accused of something and as he didn't admit to it they fired him) and as I am a stay at home Mum he was the sole income earner. Luckily he found more work, but that pay doesn't come in for another fortnight, but the problem is his previous employer has no withheld his pay (2 weeks holiday plus 3 days work).
Now we have no money, and a power, phone bill to pay and rent is due...This wouldn't be so scary if I didn't have my DD now 7 months. I am so scared, and it makes my cry just to think about it. I wish it would all just go away. I think it worse because I can't help nothing I do can fix it...I have used our savings to pay the car payment and buy food/nappies etc.
Thank you for listening.....
oh honey i rember those times

Lillie was just born And my poor DP couldnt affor to have time off.she was born ,he had the 3 days off and had to go straight back to work,as he had just started a new job,we had no money fot 2 1/2 weeks!!!!!

it was so hard,i was this new mum,poor DP couldnt stay home and relax with us,and we had noooo money,we had 3 weeks rent due

thank god my mother lives 10 mis away
she was our savour,she bought meals in every day,paid for loads of shopping,as was just there during the day if i needed her


Lillie....1 year old!!!

I really feel for you Rowie,
it's hard enough without extra hassles. If you can contact the various people who you owe as soon as, then they may surprise you and agree to wait. After all it is in their long term interest to get all their money even if it's a few weeks late. Maybe work out before you call them, what you will pay and when. If you are able to do this, then you will feel heaps better about it all. Easy to say I know, but do try and not get stressed/ lose sleep over it. We have all been there and it will soon be over. Just think of it as a small cashflow problem, if you can get someone to help you out with food etc, the rest can wait.
Hope you have success, let us know what is going on.

Jen and 13mth Harvey

Actually I've been thinking, the Citizens Advice Bureau can help you with all the debt (giving advice on how to deal with bills you can't pay etc) and should be able to help with your DP's pay. I'm certain it is illegal to withhold monies due to any employee. If you are mad enough you could always call his former employer and tell them they will be hearing from your solicitor if money due to him is not paid immediately, just an idea....
Get yourself some legal advice asap!

Jen and 13mth Harvey

oh sweet i really feel for you. while my partner hasnt lost his job, hes had quite a lot of time off cus of illness which we dont get paid for. we are about $350 behind in the bills and havent been food shopping for 5 weeks! you will manage, as long as you have a roof over your head and food in your tummys, the rest can wait. it will get better, i promise. keep your chin up

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

Contact the people who's bills need to be paid and they may be able to arrange a payment plan or extend the due date for you.

If you are ahead in payments for any loans - you mentioned the car payment. You may be able to stop the payments temporarily.

Just make a few calls and you might be able to ease the situation for a while till you are back on your feet.

I am positive that you will be just fine. Unfortunately life throws us these curve balls and it is amazing how we can cope when needed to. Good Luck
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