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Is anyone using the Implanon?? Lock Rss

Is anyone out there using the Implanon?? If so how are you finding it??
I seem to have my period all the time and my baby is 10.5 months old and I still haven't lost any of my pregnancy weight.
I am wondering if the weight thing is due to the fact that I am still breastfeeding or if I have this Implanon in.
Thanks everyone
I had one put in when Jeb was 7 weeks as I too was b/fing....that didn't last long but. Anyway, I didn't get a period when I first had it in for nearly 2 months then did I get it!! It lasted for over 2 weeks. I thought nothing of it because of the whole having a bub thing. 3 weeks later I got in again and it too lasted 2 weeks. I found that I could go anywhere from 2.5 to 5 weeks between periods (very irregular) and they lasted for up to 2 weeks. A lot of the time they would go for 5-7 days then stop for 2-4 days then start up again! Very frustrating!!! I had it taken out 4 weeks ago now and went back on the normal pill. I too found it VERY hard to lose weight while on it.....nearly impossible and I wasn't b/fing and eating really well!! But since getting it out I have lost around 5kg easily in 4 weeks. A friend of mine also had one and she too found it put weight on her and nearly impossible to lose it.
Hi Kelliem,
I have had friends that have put on a lot of weight when they have had the implanon. I chose to have the Depo needles every 3 months since the birth of my last baby now 13mnts old. I noticed I was gaining weight even when breastfeeding and was hungry all the time.
This too can cause weight gain which I was unaware of so I have now got a period and started to use the pill again.
I am finding it REALLY hard to loose weight so I am hoping that now I am back on the pill my body will sort itself out.
I personally think it is the implant that is giving you trouble as breastfeeding is supposed to help loose and maintain your weight which worked for me with my other 2 boys.
Hope things settle down

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