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cluck cluck clucky!!! Lock Rss

how do i un-cluck myself
DD is only 6 1/2 months old and i really DO NOT want number 2 till DD is 18 months old as i want to enjoy my baby girl


i am sooooooooooo clucky its really bad,i had a very easy pregnancy and a wonderful quick(8 hour) labour, so i feel this may be contributing to me wanting another so soon
i even try to turn myself off by saying"how hard it would be" but its not working
im even thinkng of changng my pill to see if thats what it is??


Lillie....1 year old!!!

Howdy Mimmy! tongue

You sound exactly like me! Nina is nearly 9 months, and I've been all clucked-up for months now. In my head I don't want another one for about another year or two (we haven't really decided on the timing for the next one, which is probably part of my problem), but in my heart, everytime I see a pregnant woman or a newborn bub, I'm so envious! It's crazy huh?!

I had quite a hard pregnancy especially towards the end, then 20 hours of labour and an emergency CS, but even that hasn't put me off (it did put me off completely for a while, I seriously couldn't understand why anyone ever has more than one, but that soon changed!). I don't know about changing the pill, I guess that could have an effect. I'm still all jazzed up on breastfeeding hormones, and I predict as soon as I stop breastfeeding my cluckiness will go into super-hyper-overdrive!

Like you, I try to tell myself "It would be so hard if we had another one now, we're much better waiting for a decent time" ... but bubbas are so wonderful! I want more! More! MORE!!! tongue

This new forum is strange ...

I would love to know if these feelings are related to any kind of hormone or the post pregnancy stage. I was so much like you Mimmy and it seems a lot of women are the same. I wonder if its some genetic thing us chickies have from like the cave man era - this need to breed - lol.

For me, I started to snap out of it when DD was around 9 months. It just seemed then that my body started to settle back to normal (I wasn't an psycho - in DH's words). I was chatting to DH about it last night and he said its like I started to think with my head, instead of my heart. I'm not sure that really makes sense to you, but hit home with me. DH talks crap most of the time, but on occasion he pulls out a really good one that gets me thinking - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

I am the opposite - the thought of having a new born AND a toddler is horrifying. I did a post a while ago - how do people have more than one child? My DD is gorgeous and lovely, but I'm not sure my sanity would survive another. That is probably the sleepless night talking, I also had a stink labour although the pregnancy was good. However i have been told that after about a year it starts to seem like a good idea again - we will see.

Mim I will tell you about my horrid labour that should put you off, actually on second thoughts you keep clucking someone better keep the species going.

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

Whenever I walk through the shopping centre I always look in other peoples prams to see their beautiful babies - especially if they have a new born I just melt. There is something about new born babies that makes those motherly juices start flowing - Even though my baby boy is only 7 months old and the most gorgeous bub in my eyes, it still makes me go all warm and fuzzy. They bring so much love and happiness with them smile x

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