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Did you all gain weight? Lock Rss

HI lovely ladies

Just curious, I was about 60 kg before pregg, put on about 10 kg (all baby) as I had morning sickness till she was born and weighed about 65kg after she was born....

Now tho, Im about 80kg (altho I am verrrry tall 6ft 2) But is this normal, to put on so much weight arfterwards? I feel like i am porking it up big time????

Anyone else?


Hey there Ebony , I put on about 25kgs when I was pregnant!!!! Yes thats alot I know!!! BUT I retained ALOT of fluid!! I did have morning sickness/all day sickness for the first 4 and a half mths and then I was fine but I started to retain fluid..

I had nothing else wrong with me or bub just I retained fluid...But by the time I had left hopsital I had lost most of it and now I still have 8/9kgs to loose til I get back to what I was before I got pregnant. Which I might add is annoying the crap out of me as its just not budging..

So yes I did put on 25kgs but most of mine was fluid and bub weighed 4.2kgs born also!!!

So dont worry your not alone..I take it you are also annoyed that its not coming off easy??


Mum 2 Brock 22/03/06 & Jenna 27/04/08.

my problem is awful

i am EXTREMELY thin and put on 17kg whilst pregnant
i loved my body so much,i was soooo proud of myself for putting on soo much weight

just after i gave birth i hopped on the bed and lay down,and i actually watched my belly dissapear,i had the saggy belly for mabey a week
i went down to 48 kg

i feel so digusted with myself for not being able to hold onto some weight


Lillie....1 year old!!!

THANK GOD I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE. My 1st I put on 25kgs, 2nd put on 20kgs and third put on 25kgs. You girls make me laugh, thank god I'm not the only one !!!!!!!!
Hi Ebony,

Before I fell pregnant I weighed 58kg (am 1.70m tall) I put on 20kg with my twins. What shock to weigh nearly 80kg's!!

The first 15kg just fell off after I had my twins. The last 5kg's just didn't want to budge. Maybe it was due to me eating half a block of chocolate every night!! I have stopped that now and am losing the rest of weight, am down to 60.5 now and nearly there. However part of my weight loss is also due to not eating properly, I am run off my feet all day and by 4pm I am wondering why I am so hungry, realising that I have not had a thing to eat all day! I am sure the weight will go back on once I start to eat properly again. My concern is my tummy, how do I get rid of all that extra skin? My favourite pair of jeans fit, until I zip up and that tummy just hangs over the belt!! Any suggestions???

Mother of 5 months old twins - Brock & Chloe
Hey, i think ur weight gain is normal, mine is abnormal, i gained about 40kgs... i was like 81kg, now all of a sudden im 120.. its HORRIBLE.. i also quit smoking too, which makes it worse.

I love my babies .....

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