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Food for thought Lock Rss

Just wanted to lend an arm to new mums who are finding it difficult preparing meals
from my own experience those early days were so bad we ate no ealier than 8pm if we ate at all

i used to feel so bad when DH would come home very tired and starving and there was no meal for either of us

at each of DD's naps i do something ie:peel spuds,carrot,defrost meat
then when she has her arvo nap at 4pm till 5pm i cook dinner for 3,pop one plate in oven for DH to take to work next day for lunch,then pop his plate in the microwave,then he can have his dinner when ever he like whilst i concentrate on getting the little creature in the bath
xxxx :} xxx

Lillie....1 year old!!!

ur so good mimmy always prepared such a good mummy.
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