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Britney and her bub Lock Rss

Just catching up on the goss with Brits on the cover with all the neverending drama thats going on with her and her baby......What does everyone think about her parenting skills? Are they really as bad as it sounds or is it just frenzied paparazzi?

Personally i blame that hubby of hers...she probably gets no support from him. Though its disturbing to see pics and hear stories of neglect I do give her credit for trying to go it without a nanny. But hey if she is really struggling I dont think anyone would blame her for getting one, what with all the media attention on her.

Oh and you'd think with all $$$ money she could get a personal trainer smile

Quinnie and Remy (03/12/05)

Hi I think the thing with Britney is she is a first time mother and because she is famous everything gets scrutinised and Like any other first time parent she is making mistakes and learning as she goes, Honestly she would be better off without her Husband, I wouldn't imagine it would be easy with the paparazzi chasing you everywhere, I just hope she is enjoying being a mum...

Hi all Britney is also a first time mum and I think the media should just leave her alone and let her rasie her children and her husband is no good and she needs to get him out of her life and the children as well and I think Britney is trying her best at motherhood like all of us and I reckon she should go away with her son and spend some away from everyone.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Poor ole Brits - I saw the NW today and it's not too flash! I'm not really a fan, though when I think about it - am pretty sure that I know each and every song that she's ever released LOL!

My opinion (though must admit it's probably based on the info from the trashy mags that I read) is that she needs to get rid of her pratt of a hubby!! I feel sorry for her the more I read about her - how horrible would it be to have the paparazzi camped outside your door 24/7? It'd also be pretty tough knowing that the world is watching and waiting for you to stuff up... these photographers get paid millions for the pics that I'm sure they make up stories for (although they've been saying for months that Brits is preggers again... maybe they don't make up the stories??).

On the other hand - celebs choose their lifestyle. I guess it should be humbling to all of us average joes in that money can't buy love/happiness/good husbands etc.

Kerry, WA, DD 09/00 & DS 11/05

I agree with most of you. Give the girl a break.
I was not at all a fan of her until she became a mother. It is hard enough being a first time mum, let alone having cameras following you all the time waiting for you to slip up- and at least she has the courage to admit to the public that she stuffed up (with the no seat belt incident). And realistically how many times have you wanted to hold your child in the car when they are upset or it's just a short trip??? I was angry and upset for her when they came down on her for having the baby in the 'sitting up' position at such a young age. He looks huge!! As a first time mum you wouldn't know when to sit him up the other way & how do we not know that the camera wasn't waiting for the right time to take certain picture on the right angle to make it look as is his head was not supported.
Anyone can become a parent (and ther is a lot worse out there!!) and not matter how much experience you have no one is perfect. Turn the clocks back a year and she had everyone at her feet doing everything for her. All she has ever done is sing- not work in a field with children or have the opportunity to gain any experience in being a parent (Britney herself seemed pretty rushed to grow up)- nothing can prepare you enough for parenting!
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