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frustrated and sooo tired Lock Rss

hi all justed need to let out some anger and frustration before i explode.I never thought motherhood would be so hard and im starting to feel little one is 7 mths and each day is a long one.he hates being in his pram and just cries so shopping going for a coffee or even going for a walk is a nightmare.going out with friends or even to the movies rarely happens so all i seem to do is housework and looking after the baby.My husband on the otherhand still seems to live like hes single which is really making me mad.I feel like ive given up my life to have our little one who i adore and love to bits but it would be nice to have some me time .My husband still goes out with the boys and our friends and hes happy to leave me at home ,even if im sick he still cant say no to his friends and makes no effort for us time.I always seem to be angry at him for not stepping up and taking some responsibitly and he gets angry cos he doesnt get what the fuss is about.How do i get him to understand it takes two to make a baby and two to raise it and to realise he has a family now and thats more important . im so frustrated and fed up and hate being a nagging wife but i deserve some fun as well,not just him.argh hes turned so selfish.
wow i feel better now thanks.
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Hey Sarah,

Men just don't get it sometimes, do they?! We've been through so much and given up so much to have a baby, the least they can do is give us the support we need, and a break once and a while would be nice!!

DH works pretty long hours and when he gets home he likes to "un-wind" while I make tea, bath DD and get her bedtime bottle ready... sometimes I just feel like I'm going to explode - where's my "un-wind" time?!!!!

I have a 7mnth old bub too and they're not exactly easy at this age. DD is really clingy at he moment and won't go to anyone else so it's really hard. I just keep telling myself that this time will pass... soon hopefully.

As for the blokes I really don't know if they ever change. I do by block at DH occassionally and he improves for a couple of days but then he's back to his old self. I'm so over it now that I don't bother now and save my energy for the next day, cause lord knows I need it smile

Sorry I haven't got more advice, just wanted to let you know that you're not alone.

Hang in there sweetie.


Rachel, WA, Isabella 15/10/05

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