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adjusting to being a mum Lock Rss

Hello just wondering if anyone else is finding it a bit strange being a new mum. I absolutley love it but i just find it to be a completley different world to what i expected. Most of my friends work during the day or have already got grown up kids so it just seems if i am alone most of the time. My husband is great support but during the day it can get lonley. Just wondering what other mums think and what you all do or did to help adjusting easier.
I know about mums groups ect but they are not on all the time. What else can you do or get involved in. I would apprecite any help.

Tara, vic, Baby boy born 1st march2006

Tara, vic, Baby boy born 1st march2006

Firstly a BIG congratulatios on your new baby boy!! xxxx

those first months are very strange arnt they
you go from doing whatever you want to putting yourself last!!!

i make sure i go for a walk in the fresh air every day,it make me feel wonderful
if you think it may rain pop a plastic pram cover on and rug up!!
mothers group is wonderful but as you said it is only on once a week
i loves walking to the supermarket,up the street and just browsing shops
but im a slave to this site
i could spend all day on it if i could!!!


Lillie....1 year old!!!

hi tara
congrats on ur new baby.i dont know if u really ever adjust to being a ones 7mths and i still find everyday day hard.u definately relise how much freedom u had before and how little u have now.Walking is great if ur little one is content to stay in the pram.i know in wa they have mum and baby swim classes from 8 weeks of age which are great fun and u meet other mums.also we have baby gyms where u and baby learn massage,sing nursery rhymes and all sorts of fun things which helps to get u out of the house.Try calling ur local comunity nurse or hospital they might be able to tell u whats available.not sure if its any help for u.

this site is great it feels great being able to talk to other mums and everyone is so nice and friendly ur sure to make some friends

take care
Hi Tara,

I am the same, as you know. I got some info last week from the Council about a Mother's Group and plan to start going to the one on Tuesday's (which is the local one for me). I also try to get out for a walk, but that can be hard in winter and is only a small part of the day. I have started taking DD to a playgroup. I know she is too young to interact but she loves watching the older children play and it gives me another outing. I am happy to give you the info if you want it and as it is a local community centre it isn't very expensive.
congradulations firstly and mostly on the new addition to ur family. a gorgeous boy !
i dont think there is any mother in this world that doesn't agree with u. the first few months is soo hard adjusting to motherhood.
being pregnant for 9months and then bub arrives and it is so full on all a sudden.
have u thought about organising a pram walking group in ur local area with other new mums? u can even use this website to find mum's in ur local area ! its great.
i think once u settle down into the new role of a mother which is a 24,7 job in it self. establish a routine and bond with ur baby, watching him do new things and learn from u is the most amazing thing in the world.
all the best of luck, hope u and ur baby are well.


Danni, WA,

Hi Tara and congratuations on your baby boy and its wonderful feeling having a baby that you made and I know when Jaye was first born I use to get into the garden and tidy up outside and in the afternoon I use to take Jaye and the dog for a walk for half hour and that was fun and got me out of the house for awhile.

I use to go the shops alot to just to have alook at things and plus to esape the house for awhile or go and see my mum for awhile.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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