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any ideas to boost energy Lock Rss

hi there
was wondering if anyone has any ideas or food ideas to help boost my vegetarian (have had my iron levels checked they are fine) eat pretty healthy except for takeaway once a week and an extreme fondness for chocolate but pretty sensible about it.I take vitamins and try to go to bed early but am still finding im really tired which is causing a lack of effort to exercise everyday.Maybe its just called having a baby which i suupose i wont feel energised till he moves out of home in 18 to 20 years (if im lucky)Any ideas or am i doomed to yawn all day.
Hi Sarah,

I think you're right, that part of the problem is just the fact that we have babies! But there are things we can do to pep ourselves up a little bit.

I often feel like I'm too tired to exercise too, but I find that if I tell myself I'm just going to go for a stroll round the corner for some fresh air, then I'll feel good once I'm out, and I'll go for a decent walk, and a bit of exercise perks me up!

Keep up the chocolate I say - but add some dried fruit and nuts at the same time, they'll give you some loger lasting energy (I really like dried pineapple pieces at the moment).

And can you manage a power nap now and then? Apparently a 15-20 minute snooze is the perfect amount of time to revitalise yourself - I find it really hard to get to sleep once I'm up in the morning - but sometimes even just lying down, shutting your eyes and letting your mind wander for a while when baby's napping can be really refreshing (not to mention peaceful!).

When I find myself getting yawny around mid-afternoon, I find it really good to get down on the floor and play with Nina, or put on some favourite boppy music and dance around with her - babies give us an excuse to be silly, and being silly is energising!

All this talk about being energetic is making me feel quite sleepy! tongue

This new forum is strange ...

I love Blackmores pregnancy/breast feeding vitamins. I can really notice the few days that I have forgotten to take them. I also find that unles I have my daily walk, I feel like total crud - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

i buy fruity energy bars!!!
they are in the health food section, i live off them

i too take blackmores breastfeeding formular!!!

freash air ummm......

eating an apple gives you more energy than a cup off coffee......FACT


Lillie....1 year old!!!

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