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Morining Sickness,,Help!! Lock Rss


Im Pregnant with my 2nd bub and am experiencing the worst sickness fro the moment I wake up until late at night. It seems to get worse as the day goes on. I'm one of those people that "HATE" to throw up. Does anybody have any suggestions?? I drink Dry Ginger Ale and take Blackmore 'morning sickness formular.

Thanks in Advance

It's sounds strange but I ate all day long just little snacks, dry biscuts or museli bars. vitamin B6 is said to help, I used B6 one my doctor recommend and it helped with the feeling like I wanted to throw up. I had morning sickness until 4.5 months and then towards the end. Good luck I hope this helps

One day at a time

Hi Melissa,

I really feel for you, it must be hard feeling sick all day and having to look after your first bub as well!

I agree with the other mums, nibbling little and often really helped me, and the blander the better - plain crackers, plain white toast etc.

I discovered a herbal tea called Wild Raspberry (not Raspberry Leaf - that's different and not recommended before the 3rd trimester), it had a really strong berry taste (you know how a lot of herbal teas don't taste anything like what they're supposed to be - well this one tastes like raspberries!), and I could only get it at my local Muffin Break, couldn't buy it in any shops, I ended up ordering some online but cancelled it cos it was ridiculously expensive, and by that time I was starting to feel better. There's a few herbal teas with raspberries in them, and it really helped me.

Keep up the fluids and try to rest as much as you can, I really hope you start to feel better soon. smile

This new forum is strange ...

vegimite on toast/dry biscuits and crunchy apples worked a treat when I was feeling crappy. Apparently vegimite is good becuase of the vitamin B in it? I hope it gets better for you!

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

Hi Melissa

Have you tried Peppermint oil on a hanky to sniff or drinking Peppermint tea! Yummy and is suppose to help.

Hope you find some relief babe smile .

Hi Melissa I know how you feel I was sick with morning sickess for the whole time that I was pregnant and I hated being sick all the time and I tried Blackmore morning sickess formular but they didnt help me at all just made it worst than before so I use to drink lemonade ice blocks on the stick and they use to help and drie biscutes and black tea to make the stomach better and it work most of the time but not always.

I hope that has help and I hope you feel better soon and good luck.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi Melissa,

The best thing I had during my morningsickness was apple juice sipped each morning while still in bed and then laying there for 20 -30 minutes after. I ended up buying poppers and leaving them beside the bed! It seems to be all about getting your blood sugar levels up and then keeping them there. I also always had lollies in my pocket - tic tacs are easy to hide - I was working with the public at the time and lollies on the counter was a big no no! Towards the end if I was feeling light headed I just went and either ate something or drank a cordial / juice. I ended up leaving work early as I took up fainting on the counter. Not a good look! I finally gave up trying to hold it all together and my Dr could tell the difference the next time he saw me - as I waddled into the room he said "so we have given up work hey?" Good luck with everything.

Karen, Nth Qld; Matthew Paul 08/03/06

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