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Pizza toppings Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

We are renovating our kitchen at the moment and its getting harder and harder to put together a nice meal for me and DF. Tonight I want to make homemade pizzas, apart from bacon and salami, I am stuck for ideas on how to jazz them up a bit, What do you guys use for yours?? grin .

hey Natalie,

stuffed olives cut in half, mushrooms, cheese, sundried tomatoes, spinich, sandwich meats (like turkey slices, chicken loaf etc..) grated spam. You dont have to cut the sandwich meat, just twist it so you can fit a few of them on the pizza base. You can even put in some pumpkin with herbs and spinich for a gormet pizza.

Hope this helps,


ps. you could try bbq sauce instead of tomato sauce too.
hi natalie & bub,

my 15mth girl loves pizza, her favourite toppings on them r cooked mince, cheese and ham.

i hope this helps u out a little.
good luck

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub

Hi there i also make my own pizzas here are some of the toppings i have tried.

Mozzarella, dried oregano,cut up ham,and sliced fresh tomatoes.

Mozzarella,tuna,and boiled egg (diced) i know it dosent sound yummy but its actually quite yum.

Also i love blue vein cheese so i mix it in with the mozzarella.YUMMY !(my fav)

Chargrilled capsicum and black olives is also another favorite.
DH loves anchovies on his pizza, im not a fan.
Hope my ideas helped.


Roxana,Nsw,Mum of 4 boys

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