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working with bubs Lock Rss

Hey there,

I am due to have my first bubs in 6 days. I am still at work and was hoping to be able to be back here asap - i have an arrangement with my boss and will be able to bring bubs in most of the time.

I was wondering if any other mums out there have had to get back into work fairly soon after bubs being born and roughly how long it took for them to feel up to it again??


Hey there,

how exciting a new bubba smile
Anyway I had my daughter dec 1st 05 in my uni smeester break and when the next semester started on feb 28th Iwent back to uni part time.

I am only still here part time tho, so she goes to childcare two days a week. LOVES it and the break is good. I think she gets the best of both worlds because she has me for 5 days a week and other kids for two. It helps her social interaction as well.

I felt that that period off was a nice period for me. it meant that I was there for her until she was no longer classed as a newborn and it also meant that I got to breastfeed for those three months.

I also had a month off uni before she was born.... helped me to relax and enjoy sometime to just me...

I prob could have gone back to uni had the semester started earlier, but I am truely glad it didnt. i am glad with the decision I have made and it works for our family. So I hope you are glad with yours smile


I worked until 2 weeks before my due date, although I was a week overdue. And am going back to work when DD is 4 months old. I am fortunate to have family to look after her so I am able to work and not have the pressure or worry of being late to pick her up from childcare, or if she is sick not needing to take time off work.
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