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aaah - hair loss! Lock Rss

hi! i have a 14 week old little man. when i was pregnant my hair grew really fast - now it's coming out! i thought it happened fairly soon after birth so thought i had got away with losing it, but the last couple of weeks my hair has gone really odd and lots comes out when i shower. when i wake up in the morning it's like a bird's nest; really dry and frizzy. i have long brown fine hair that is fairly straight. i've tried different conditioners, not washing it every day, fructis long and strong serum, vo5 hot oil a couple of times... can anyone help?! i need to get it cut so that will help the split ends, but i don't know why the length part of my hair has gone so dry - help!

first timer to jay 230206, adelaide

Your hair is really affected through pregnancy and birth. After I had DD my hair came out in handfuls to the point where DH wanted me to go get seen by someone. Now I have lots of new growth which makes me look like I have cut myself a very short fringe!!

Maybe when you go to the hairdressers for the cut they may be able to put one of their treatments in and give one of those great scalp massages to help. I am sure it is normal as I have seen heaps of threads all saying similar things but if there is something really wrong I am sure they would refer you to a GP
Someone actually told me that when we're pregnant we actually grow heaps of extra hair....So when we give birth we're actually just losing all the extra hair we grew.....

But I'm with you guys...DD is 5months now and I'm still losing heaps of hair...I've also got a little bit of dandruff (oh, how embarrasing!!)...

The things we put up with for our children....

Sam and Hayley and bub

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