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What's your daily/weekly routine? Lock Rss

Hello, Just wanting to know what you all get up to?

I am having a hard time because my DD (9 months) is such a pain. She winges and whines if I leave the room or try to do anything (she hangs off my leg too) so I sit around most of the day. We go for a walk in the arvo. We go to the shops occasionally but I can't do that too often cos I end up spending money.
We have playgroup on thursdays and am thinking about swimming lessons and we get together with friends maybe a couple of times a month but that;s about it.
Hi Carline I have a daughter who is 11 1/2 months old and she still hangs off my legs and it does it frustating when you want to do things around the house.

We go swimming on Tuesdays every week and we normally catch up with friends every month as well and I know that when Jaye is busy with something thats when she will leave me for while and let me go and do what I need to do. Like Jaye loves outside so when I have to do the garden thats when she plays on the ground and works as well.

Dont worry we are all in the same boat.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

hi there,this roughly my weekly routine.

Mondays:up early,prepare 3 lunch boxes,drop older ones at school then drop off DS (3yo)at daycare for a couple of hours,come home make DS (10mo) some breakie.clean up,put him to bed and its time for me to relax and catch up on this site.(should really be doing the laundry and the dishes BUT they can wait)

Tuesdays.Drop older kids off at school come home tidy up a bit then do what i didnt do yesterday.LOL

Wednesdays: Drop kids off,go and do my grocery shopping with DSONS.come home put everything away,lucky i have a little helper,my 3yo loves to help.

Thursdays.Drop kids off,come home and do absolutetly nothing ! LOL other than feed change my DSONS.

Fridays:Drop kids off. come home get online.make lunch.then off to school to pick up older ones.

Weekends:DH takes over and gives me a break.LOL

Of course there are other things i do during the day,but thats pretty much it. i dont like to stress out about what needs to be done around the house.i prefer to do what needs to be done and the rest can rather be relaxed and calm.relaxed mum = relaxed kids.(thats my opinion anyway)

Roxana,Nsw,Mum of 4 boys

Hi Toni
Jebs now 10.5 months and seems to be getting more and more needless to say my house work is not done very well.
It was only on the weekend just gone that I got on the computer and actually sat here on a spreadsheet and wrote out exactly what HAS to be done and what I should be doing......well I got it all typed out now I just need to pull my finger out and do it! LOL!!
Basically I wrote out a spreadsheet with the times that Jebs eat, sleeps and plays and worked around that. So right now I am meant to be mopping the floor that I vacuumed this morning...hehehe!!...I'm getting there!! I set my self achievable "tasks" each day for a fornight ie. every Monday I clean the bathroom and laundry,every Tuesday after breaky we go shopping, every Wednesday I vacuum and mop the floors, Thursday clean the bedrooms, Friday's clean the kitchen etc.... I've made it so I can do it while Jeb has his morning sleeps and the afternoon sleeps is easy, quick jobs like folding cloths, feeding dogs etc so I can have some ME time in there.....or start preping tea...whatever I feel like. Saturdays and Sundays I left pretty open as ever weekend is different so as long as the week days have been productive the weekends should be family time.

Now all I have to do is actually do what I've set out to achieve......I can do it!!! When I feel like it...hehehe smile
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