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What would make you really happy? Lock Rss

Although I love being a mummy to my gorgeous baby boy, and I love my fiance to bits, I am constantly thinking of things that would make me more and more happy.

From winning Gold Lotto to going on a holiday to Thailand or just a new pair of jeans and a winter coat, or a suntan!

If you could have any 5 things you want, what would they be ???? grin .

Ok well here goes smile

1. A trip to Italy (have wanted this for as long as I can remember)

2. Finishing my law degree and paying off all my HECS (oh that would be heven on a stick )

3. a night out with partner

4. new clothes

5. finally chocolate that never runs out... you know like the tim tam ad but not jsut with tim tams with all sorts of choc.... now that that would be awesome.


*To get married

*To have 2 more children

*To have a never ending supply of fruit

*To have the power to help all the animals in the world

*for all my children to grow up healthy and happy and live long and fufilling lives


Lillie....1 year old!!!

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