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Finally starting to feel human again, yay! Lock Rss

Hi lovely mums,

My little girl is 9 months old, and I've realised that the cliche of "9 months to get the baby here, 9 months to recover" is actually about right - I'm finally starting to feel human again!

The biggest change is that Nina has been sleeping through the night most nights for a couple of weeks (fingers crossed it'll stick!), so I'm no longer a complete zombie all day.

I have a reasonable amount of energy now, so I can actually be bothered to go for a decent walk every day instead of just 15 minutes to the mall.

I'm still one size bigger than I was before, but my general shape is nowhere near as flubbery as it was, and I feel fitter and stronger than I've felt in ages - I've finally started doing the exercises my brother (he's a gym instructor) showed me months ago, and now my CS scar isn't so sunken in under an overhanging tummy anymore!

My appetite is going back to normal now too - I'm not longer the ravenous insatiable monster I was for most of my pregnancy and for at least the first six months of breastfeeding - I eat more like a normal person again!

I'm not showing off, I just wanted to share how I'm feeling, so that the mums out there who are wondering, "Will I ever feel like myself again?" can take heart, and know that it takes time, but the universe will regain some equilibrium, and you will feel human again!

Having said that, I'll probably get back into my old jeans just in time to start trying to conceive number 2! tongue

This new forum is strange ...

thats wondefrful!!!!!

i am at the 7 month mark and im having a ball!!!

i need to gain about 15 kilos but im getting there
i need to eat more throughout the day

i need to cut down on my fruit intake he he he

but im very happy, i have a wonderful, happy baby

and guess what??????

She was born with blocked tear ducts which isnt a problem when she cries coz they clear out but...

she is such a happy baby that she seriously DOES NOT CRY , she'll occasionaly whinge but thats it

i love her soo much

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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