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  5. Just need to whinge.....thanks.....

Just need to whinge.....thanks..... Lock Rss

Just a little moan.... that it is hard work enough looking after the little one, but isn't it so much worse when your husband, partner etc...comes home sick from work, then you get it and then your baby gets it! The last thing you want to do is to get out of bed but there is no reprieve from both baby and you being miserable! The hourly night wake up to baby crying due to not feeling well and didn't realise until this morning that she was indeed sick (her first cold). Though at kindergym (also our first today) it was good to know that just about everyone elses baby was sick too, though I dread to think what other germs she picked up from the other babies!
Ah well, hopefully the little one will get better quickly and the runny nose is all the cold will be!
Thank you ladies for letting me have a moan!
anyone else just wish that they could be looked after for a while?


Isn"t it stange how one day we are these super mums that can juggle standing upside down yet as soon as we are sick putting a bra on is hard(is anyways)

i always eat ectra vitamin c to try to get rid of it but i always think off all the germs in the pillows etc and have to go on a giant cleaning spree

a while ago i had a cold,then i caught tonsilitis then... i got my period

yeah i was like death warmed up


Lillie....1 year old!!!

men are shocking arent they.they dont understand that when ur sick u shouldnt have to tell them not to go out or to look after bubs it should be common sense.
Well my hubbys in for a shock cos im going to be working the weekends from now on so hes gonna have bubs for two days by himself.I reckon hell be begging me to quit work before the first day is over lol.

At least hell realise that i dont sit on my but all day watching tv and eating chocolate..well certainly not watching tv anway..hehe

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