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post natal depression Lock Rss

Hi I know how you are feeling in every way. I know its very very hard to give up on the ones you love so much.How are you now are things any better for you. Is there anyone in your family or a very close friend you can trust and sit down and talk to and let it all out how and what you are feeling and thinking. Hang in there and talk to some one there is light at the end of a tunnel.

hi billi jo im in need of help i dont no how to make my own topic can u help me pls?


Hi everyone,
I had pnd with my 3rd child, Rhys. I took anti-depressants and probably needed couselling but felt I didn't have time. Luckily though I got better with the medication and a wonderful husband. With my fourth, Poppy, born only 8 weeks ago I was so scared I would get it again but have so far been feeling really good.
I have decided to get really educated about pnd and seeing I am at uni (by correspondence) and have to write a research article I thought pnd would be a good topic to research. I don't have any friends who had pnd and wondered if anyone feels comfortable helping me out with a few questions.
I was looking at the fact that there is really little emphasis put on pnd during a woman's pregnancy. Medical professionals put a lot of emphasis on your physical well being but not emotional. And then after your baby is born I'd say I could count on one hand the amount of times asked "How are you" as opposed to "How is the baby". Even though a woman is at more risk post partum of suffering a psychiatric illness than at any other time of her life. I wondered what other people thougths are on this. I read that researchers are trying to implement a screening test for women during their pregnancy to see if they are at risk for pnd. How do people feel about this?
Well my bub is in need of me so I hope to hear what you all think and feel about this stuff.
take care all
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