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getting clucky..... Lock Rss

hi all. i've got a nearly 5 month old DS. i had a prety bad labour and birth. i was on medication for 3 months after for my blood pressure. i had surgery when daniel was 9 weeks old. i've got pnd. im still dealing with everything that has happened. i do admit i have some 'issues' still with the labour and birth and things that followed. i also admit i need to talk to someone about it. and now im getting clucky for another one..... am i a complete idiot???

problem is, me and DH have talked about this, and he doesnt want another for a few years. i know we cant afford another one yet...

my questions are: is it normal to be getting clucky this soon after? and how do i stop it???

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

Hi Tania,

I know how you feel. I had a complicated labour, an emergency CS, and found the first couple of months with Nina to be mostly hell ... but I'm clucky again too.

I think it might be a mix of hormones (especially if you're breastfeeding) and baby-brained forgetfulness - all the bad stuff starts to fade in your memory once your bub gets a bit older and you start to enjoy being a mum more, and feel more confident about the whole thing. I also have an intense awareness of how quickly Nina is growing up, and it makes me miss the little teeny bub I had, and want another one.

Feeling clucky again may well be a very positive sign for you - it might mean you're recovering well from your PND, if you're starting to feel the urge to sprog up again?

We're in a similar position, wanting to wait a couple of years, so what I'm trying to do is make the most of Nina being my only bub for now, and look forward to having another one without trying to hurry it up in my head. I try to look at the cluckiness as a good sign that I'm coping well as a mum and enjoying my new life.

I guess we have to try and be sensible and wait for a while ... but if an accident happened and the next one came along early, it wouldn't be the end of the world!

So in answer to your questions - yes it does seem to be normal to get clucky again quite soon (seems to be a common problem with us hugg!es mums!). I don't know if you can stop it, but you can look on the bright side of waiting a while - more time and energy for baby#1, more time for you to recover mentally and physically etc - and try to see the cluckiness as a positive sign - you must be born to be a great mummy. smile

This new forum is strange ...

Yes this is so nomarl, my DD is only 7 months old and i am sooo clucky i could lay eggs

We really dont want to start trying again till Lillie is 18 months as i want to enjoy watching her grow!!

I had a very easy labour and birth and reacovery and i thnk this is why i am willing to go for it, i think these fellings are completely normal


Lillie....1 year old!!!

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