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Do i have PND....HELP Lock Rss

hey everyone
im just 18 with a 6m old little girl,
just wondering if anyone can help me figure out if i have pnd?
i have my good days where ill be happy as and then at night when im going to bed its like im a different person eg crying and getting upset over nothing,
i dont want to go to the doctors as yet because i know they will just prescribe me anti-depression tabs and i think im alot stronger then having tablets control my moods.
is anyone out there in the same boat or could share some advice.
im in desperate need!!!

Kerry, NSW Maddison 2.6yrs DS due 9/2/07

Do you have breaks from your daughter, like a few hrs to yourself a few times a week so you can go and do whatever you want to and not have to 'rush back' or whatever.. I don't have PND and haven't had it so I don't know what it feels like but I do know when I don't have a break I feel a bit like that..

Mel, Mummy to Krysta 07-04-04 and Chloe 10-11-06

funny how the night can bring on any sadness you are feeling!...sad

You should talk to a GP, but rather than accepting an anti-depressant prescription, equest a referral to a counselling service, I'm sure you will find them very understanding, and they should be able help you be happy both day and night!,


Liam Evan, 2

Hi Kerry,

I am 24 with a 5m old girl - you should be commended as it must be tough being 18 and coping with a bub!

I just want you to know there are people out there who feel the same way as you do! I went to my GP not long after I had Paige as I was crying ALL the time over absolutely nothing, and I honestly thought I was losing the plot. I just couldn't cope with anything. The GP was seeing me like every 3 days to monitor me and I had gotten to the point where she told me if I hadn't improved by the next week, she was going to give me anti-depressants.

I was so much like you, I just thought I am strong enough to get through this without the drugs (I'm not saying anything negative about anti-depressants, I think they are great but I just felt like I could do it without them). And you know what, I did! I can totally understand you not wanting to go the doctor - my mum literally dragged me there because I knew what reaction I was going to get.

My advice is to find a really good friend to chat to - someone who can be there to listen and build you up when you need it. I would probably be a good idea to go to your GP - it could be something as simle as your iron level is too low - this can make you tired and very emotional. Also are you on the pill or mini pill? I found that going back on the mini pill helped with my moods because it balanced the hormones back out.

It is also really important to have some time to yourself - I know it's hard cause it's hard for me too but otherwise you will end up worse! I know it's hard but at least you are determined to get through this on your own! I did - and you can do it too! If you ever need to chat to someone who knows what it is like you can email me - Or post a reply. Hope you are doing better!!

Sam x

Hi I would really apprieciate some help too. I am pretty sure I do have PND but I can't find any help in the ACT. I tried calling the contact numbers in a recent baby book (KidWrangling) but couldn't get through anywhere, my husband got me a brochure for PANDSI (Post and anti natal depression) but the phone was disconnected and the website came up with a blank page. My doctor recommended I call PANDSI - I tried!! I don't want antidepressants either, especially as I am still breastfeeding my 9mth old girl. Does anyone know anywhere I can call for counselling? My symptoms include ambivalent feelings towards the baby (do I even love her?), no sex drive whatsoever, impulses to hurt the baby (I haven't yet), wishing she had never been born, wishing I was dead, feeling I can't cope and my life is in the toilet. And Rose is a "good" baby - it's just me. I do get some time to myself - an hour long bath every night, and my husband takes her for long walks on the weekend.

Allessandra,ACT,9mth baby

I hope you can get in contact with someone soon, you have done such a great job breastfeeding your baby until now, 9 months is excellent!...
you should be very proud!, I chickened out after a few weeks, but luckily I had a very supportive family, CHN, and GP, so in the end it was the best decision for myself and my baby...

maybe if allergies and asthma run in your family and you all are breastfed then maybe it is not the best option!!...

I am only joking, smile

I think you have done an amazing job, you must be a very strong person, to have managed as well as you have.,

Hope you find a friendly helpful ear soon,

Best Wishes!


Liam Evan, 2

I can understand your frustration at negative attitudes towards use of anti-depressants, however I fail to see how your point helps monthers asking if they have PND. I replied to the first post and encouraged Kerry to see her doctor as there were many many other reasons she could be feeling this way. I was on ad's for a short time long before I fell pregnant so I know what is involved in depression believe me. I remember how I felt before I went on the ad's and how much they helped me. So my attitude towards ad's is FAR from negative. BUT I also know what it is like after having a baby to wonder whether you have PND but to know that deep down inside you, you had the strength to overcome it. As you say, true depression is a chemical imbalance, however what I experienced was a mixture of very low iron levels along with crazy hormones. This was fixed by iron tablets and going on the mini pill.

I guess I get frustrated when people think that ad's are the quick fix and don't investigate other reasons that they could be feeling that way. I believe that sometimes they are over-prescribed by GP's and that if someone believes that they can deal with their feelings without ad's then they should be given that chance.

I have no idea where you got the idea that there were negative attitudes towards ad's on this topic and it frustrates me that there are attitudes out there that makes people feel bad for wanting to deal with it themselves. And I agree with your point that if you had pneumonia you would take medication but there are times when you are a little bit sick when the doctor prefers you to fight it yourself than jump straight on the medication aren't there?

I'm really sorry if I sounded critical of people who take anti-depressants, I am not against medication of any sort when needed. (My brother is obsessive-compulsive but refuses to take medication which is so frustrating.) I was mostly worried because I am breastfeeding. I have since talked to PANDSI and am going to get counselling. In relation to ad.s, she said that counselling actually has a better long term result than ad.s (statistically, different things work for different people), you are less likely to relapse when stopping the treatment/therapy.
The PANDSI lady asked if would be willing to be part of a research group into pnd. Should be interesting.

Allessandra,ACT,9mth baby

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